The Concept of Journalism in America

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The Field of Journalism

The field of journalism entails numerous concepts which are found in the society. For this field to be effective, it must adhere to the moral standards which a specific community has unanimously accepted. Practices such as storytelling and provision of information should aim at attracting the attention of the audience rather than provoking them. However, this career has seen a significant transformation in the recent years. Unlike the previous moments, the inception of digital media has made journalism to be more practical and attractive.

Subscription to Paywalls

When I encounter a paywall or even a registration requirement while clicking into a site that I have been referred on the social media platforms to read a story, I usually subscribe to such platforms so that I can receive updated information. In most cases, the subscription which I make lasts for nearly one month to avoid incurring extra media expenses. According to Craft, Stephanie, and Charles (46), organizations such as the Cox Media Group have metered paywalls so that its users can make subscriptions to receive information.

Using Cheaper Paywalls

Just like other US social media users, I make payments to such paywalls to study or even being entertained. Nonetheless, I opt to use the New York Times Website which permits its users to login into their websites almost twenty times each day before they are required to make the digital subscription. Using a cheaper paywall enables the digital media users to obtain information that is related to academics, healthcare, politics, business, entertainment, and many other concerns (Craft, Stephanie, and Charles 46). Therefore, I pay to the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or even email to access updated data on such paywalls. Since the registration of the media platforms keeps people informed, I will thus register to acquire knowledge and other concepts that are relevant in life.

Purposes for Paying Digital Media Platforms

While making subscriptions on the paywall, I will think about the types of contact which people consider paying for online items. However, the primary aim for paying the digital media platforms will be accessing books which contain relevant information that is required in school. The other purposes for paying these companies will entail obtaining music, movies, and games that are needed for entertainment purposes. If the media contain misleading or even divisive data, it is vital to use other websites that observe moral standards of the society (Craft, Stephanie, and Charles 46). The reason is that the primary role of such sites is to entertain, educate, and unite people.

Importance of Digital News

I will make more leaps so that I can be on the payroll since the digital news update me on current matters. Moreover, the digital news keeps me updated about the academic concerns that are associated with the course of journalism. Also, I will make more leaps to receive news bulletin that is evolving each day. According to Craft, Stephanie, and Charles (46), Voice of San Diego and MinnPost are examples of crucial journalism channels that offer updated information to Americans. Therefore, paying maximum attention to such platforms helps in providing digital news which covers economic, social, and political concerns to the US residents.


In summary, the book entitled Principles of American Journalism has vividly outlined how the concept of journalism has witnessed significant changes regarding information coverage. Hence, it is important to subscribe to the paywalls that carry helpful information. The data which is conveyed to the audience should concur with the practices of a particular society.

Work Cited

Craft, Stephanie, and Charles Davies. “Principles of American Journalism: An introduction,” 2nd edition. Routledge: 2016.

September 11, 2023



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