The Control Chart Analysis of Hi-Pro Performance Fly Rods

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The Control Charts

The control charts delineate the one and a half years Hi-pro performance fly rods manufacturing operations in the three countries stated. The three countries which include the United States, New Zealand and Argentina are included in a control chart that processes the behaviors of the fly rods in the three countries. Statistical processes are used in the three countries to monitor the performances of the rods. Also, the control charts are used to ascertain improvements regarding the quality of the products or services offered by the company. The charts elaborate the productivity and output of the personnel in the company (Xie, 2012). On that note, the statistical processes compare limits with the actual performances of the company which enables managers to assess the stability or instability of the products in the different countries. The case study below stipulates the performance of the three countries in conjunction with the behavior charts that illustrate the performance of the rods.

The Process Behavior

According to the process behavior charts, none of the countries would averagely fall both below and above the centerline. At one and a half years in Argentina, the developing process has its production at thirty-three percent of the lower limit accepted of its performance. In the USA market, the production is at one hundred and twenty-six percent of the accepted level. Lastly, the manufacturing process in New Zealand is at one hundred and ten percent of its production. As shown in the chart the performance of the United States falls well above the acceptable upper limit while at the eighteenth month. The operations of Argentina fall well below the required upper level and above the required lower limit. Lastly, falling below the acceptable lower limit is New Zealand which is a clear indication of lack of stability.

Management and Operations

According to the chart, it is clear to establish that Hi-Pro Performance is not stable hence there is a problem with their control. Management in the three countries is not synchronized. The operations and management of the three countries are not synchronized in the sense that their operations are not at per. There are different reasons as to why this may be the case. It may seem imperative to have a clear understanding of why there is an influx in the performance of the three countries. There are different aspects that may be as a result which includes operational fatigue, lack in raw materials in one of the countries, increase in confidence and boosting of the different personnel in the country (Xie, 2012).

It is imperative that any company involves the staff in the decision process so that their working conditions are conducive. When that is not the case, corrective measures have to put across to increase the stability in the performance of the company (Griffin, 2013). Management must be synchronized in the sense that the operations in one country are in one way or the other similar. This will make easier the decision-making process for the top management. Management should make sure that there are raw materials equally supplied throughout the three countries. Raw materials that will be supplied throughout the production process to the end product (Burrow & Kleindl, 2013).


The three countries producing the Hi-Pro performance rods have different management strategies hence the reason why their performances are portrayed differently in the charts. The lack of raw materials, unsynchronized management strategies and operational fatigue by the employees are some of the reasons why these three countries have different operational results.


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October 30, 2023

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