The debate on abortion

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The abortion controversy has raged for centuries and seems to have no end in sight. Regardless, it is a critical one that contributes to the resolution of questions about women's sexual freedoms and rights. My study paper focuses mostly on the two extremes of the abortion debate: pro-life and pro-choice philosophies. Pro-lifers argue that abortion is a violation of the right to life and should be prohibited. Pro-choice supporters, on the other hand, argue that the decision to have a child or not is a personal one. This ensures that it can emerge from self-determination and without outside intervention. The best sources for the information on these two ideologies are journals, articles, and websites. All these are available online. In addition, most pro-choice and pro-life organizations have a lot of information which can be reviewed for academic purposes.

II. Research Process Information:

Database used/date

EBSCOhost, all databases

Search terms used

Pro-life, pro-choice, Anti-Abortionists

Why is this Issue important?

This issue is very important because it is about what the fate of the unborn is and who ultimately decides that fate and under what conditions. In addition, the debate also highlights the reproductive rights and freedoms of women as well as their individual liberties.

III. Research Findings Information:


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