The Definition of a Film: Exploring the Art, Science, and Impact of Cinema

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The definition of a film

The definition of a film is a story or event that is captured by a camera as a composition of moving shots that are viewed in the television or the cinema.

Film interpretation

Film interpretation is the aspect of analyzing a film in terms of narrative structure, cultural context, mise-en-scene, camera angles and shoots among others. The film incorporates dimensions that make up a scene in the context of actors, lighting, sound, angles of shots, and the color of the scene among others. The director, producer, and screenwriter are the most important people who make the film to be shot due to their structural design of the film.

Literature in film

Literature comes in the film where the screenplay is written and submitted to the actors, director, and the producer to gain the concept of the film. Contextual analysis is linked to the culture, time, and place for the film creation. Different films have different analysis due to a different style of production they were produced. Time in the film can be contrasted by use of different costumes that resembles the history of the particular setting.

Telling a story through the lens

Telling a story through the lens is achieved through the execution of shots and the achievement of different camera effects. The composition of shots is an important aspect in filmmaking where different compositions produce the different effect of the scene. The film can have realism or expressionism concept in telling a narrative through the available character and techniques of structure and the art of direction which include lighting, set, color and sound.

Film and literature

Film and literature are similar in the delivery concept the only difference is that literature uses written words throughout while film uses the written words and turn them into audio and visual elements.

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