The Definition of Journalism

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Whereas the definition of journalism denotes the existence of steps and facts the textbook highlights the presence of characteristics such as the identification of the topic of concern. The subject ensures an individual is in a suitable position to collect precise information. Consequently, the book underscores the need to understand the topic as far as collecting the information is concerned (Stephanie et al.,72). As a result, the journalist must be knowledgeable about a distinct theme before gathering data. The journalist must come up with the process for collecting information. For example, if the journalist opts to use the interviewing technique, he or she needs to come up with the most suitable questions to ask the interviewees. On the other hand, if journalists choose to carry out research, they have to determine the quality of information they are willing to deduce from the investigation. Similarly, the journalist determines how he or she will present the topic structurally to permit adequate leading dissemination of the information. The mode of presenting the information is dependent on the target audience.

As per the textbook's definition, journalism ought to entail transparency in every information reported. Similarly, it is imperative to use independent procedures without any manipulation from either internal or external forces related to the story the journalist is reporting (Stephanie et al., 55). The pillar of every journalistic practice is to verify that the information reported to the public domain is true to the citizens in a democracy. In instances where journalist gets a story wrong, then the story ceases to be journalism (Stephanie et al., 41). The story 'Rape on Campus' is not journalistic because it does not follow the due journalistic procedures in compiling and reporting what is true.

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