The Definition of Masterpiece in Art

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A Masterpiece in Art

A masterpiece is something made with masterly skills and it is considered the greatest work of a person or a group of persons. Therefore, under this umbrella it would mean that there are actually masterpieces in art. In my view, what determines if something is a masterpiece is whether a painting, print or music touches the viewer's or listener's soul. Essentially, it is a personal experience that the audience takes when they encounter the art. If it is something that inspires awe then it is equally considered as a masterpiece. Principally, the paintings or writings that are definitely considered as masterpiece in art should not be based on anything tangible in this world (Melcher 23).

Masters in Classical Fine Art

The important thing to keep in mind is that masterwork should always have a master. In classical fine art training in Modern Europe, masters were determined early in their careers because they were assessed by the Masters Review board. For instance, under modern definition, individuals who have perfected there art include Van Vogh, Damien Hirst or even Andy Warhol (Melcher 34). Their artwork that are classified as masterpieces were made at the peak of their techniques and executed with compelling and original composition that instructs and inspires future generations. The current equivalent of review boards is New York Times and ARTNews.

The Influence of Publicity

From a differing perspective, art is considered a masterpiece not necessarily because it is psychologically moving, trendy or technically great but because of good publicity. For instance, the Mona Lisa was only considered a masterpiece after a 19th century critic called it so and thus he made it popular (Melcher 2). Similarly, Van Vogh's painting became a masterpiece after his death and after his brother and wife dedicated their time to planning exhibitions and publications. Coming from a well-connected family, his wife converted Van Vogh's paintings from ordinary art to masterpieces. To conclude, the collective opinions of most professionals in art state that an enchanting masterpiece should bring reverence to the soul.

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October 05, 2023


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