The Deuteronomistic History

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The Deuteronomistic History

The deuteronomistic history involves the speeches as well as the sermons that were given by Moses to the Israelites. In the first sermon, the Israelites' leader, Moses, recounts to the subjects their past years that they lived wandering in the wilderness, a journey that led to the moment they were in as well as an appeal to the observation of the teachings as well as the law.

Further, this biblical book explores the manner in which Moses used the past events of the Israelites to remind them of the significance of following the laws as well as the teachings that he gave them that point to how Yahweh would like them to carry out themselves. Thirdly, the leader in question reviewed the history of the Israelites to provide them with the comfort that regardless of Israel's level of unfaithfulness to Yahweh, they would be forgiven and restored if they repented. Therefore, the history in the book of Deuteronomy involves the journey of the Israelites through the wilderness and the various challenges they faced and the way God took them through every trouble and instances in which they found themselves.

Contrast with Chronicles

In contrast to the Deuteronomic history, Chronicles does not only concentrate on the unfolding of the Israelites from their deliverance from Egypt as seen in Deuteronomy. Chronicles begin the historical exploration of humankind from the first forefather, Adam through the following list of genealogy down to the initial Kingdom of Israel. Further, these two histories contrast since chronicles concentrates on the kings of Israel from Saul, to King David's reign followed by the reign of David's son King Solomon. Chronicles are concluded by the histories of the manner in which destruction falls upon the Kingdom of Judah, and the Israelites are taken to exile in Babylon, conquering of Babylon by Persia and the process of restoring the Temple in Jerusalem after which the Israelites return from exile.

November 13, 2023

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