The dharma of a woman

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Because of physiological and psychological distinctions, a woman's dharma varies from that of a male. Women are more dramatic than men, according to psychology, leading to disparities on the right and wrong sides of men's and women's brains. There are variations, but women are always more emotional than men. Women are sacrificial by nature, as shown by her pregnancy and the difficulties she faces from the moment she gives birth to the time she raises the infant to adulthood. Because of their intrinsic value of sacrifice, women have dominated the nursing profession. In the Indian culture, whenever anyone is in great pain they always remember their mother. Further, some families will thrive even after a young father dies but few will thrive when a young mother dies. Thus the mother plays an extraordinary role in the society and keeping that position is a woman's dharma.

Women ought to follow the path of Pandavas' mother Kunti when bringing up their children. They should give them an education and inspire them to get to their in as per the Vedic tradition. A woman should never be too close to her husband's friends and she should never have conversations with them in private. Any guest in the house should be treated warmly and their stay should be pleasant. They should also be supportive of their husbands. A woman will rise to high spiritual levels if they carry themselves with grace inside and outside the home. The Maya is an illusion imposed by the Lord Himself, the Feminine Principle was that which he equipped by his own will. Women are not inferior but instead they are the Sakthi swarupa which describes their energy. A woman's self-control exceeds that of man.

Women possess a love that is pure and they can separate their actions and words to conform to the dharma. When they follow the instructions of the dharma, they bring good fortune to the home. A woman with chastity can achieve anything. Savithri who was a chaste woman fought with the Lord of death to save her husband (Ellwood and McGraw 77). Following the dharma means that a woman is modest. Crossing the boundaries of modesty often leads to calamities. Overstepping that boundary destroys the very essence of womanhood. The absence of modesty robs a woman of her beauty and cultured nature. A modest woman knows to abide by her limitations. A woman who is not modest acts against the interests of womanhood and demeans her character. Life without modesty is like a vacuum. People will respect and honor a modest woman at home and in the community. The homestead depends on the woman to nurture religion as she is the prop of the home.

A woman is more aligned to religious inclination than a man and she has the ability to lead men to God. In matters of education, everyone irrespective of their gender deserves an education. Women with an education are in the frontline of promoting the dharma. When a woman receives an education they should not forget their dharma and get mixed up with the world. The education of women is crucial for the advancement of any community. Every nation is built based on the culture of its women because they nurture the next generation. Thus, a woman should strive to pursue an education while maintaining the highest standards of the dharma because she forms the foundation of the society.

Work Cited

Ellwood, Robert, and Barbara McGraw. Many peoples, many faiths: Women and men in the world religions. Routledge, 2016.

September 21, 2021

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