The Diffusion of Innovation

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1. The diffusion of innovation is a group phenomenon.

In essence, it is a theory of communication that explains the spread of a product or idea through a specific social system or population over time (Robertson, 2017, p.15). As a result, people adopt new products, behaviors, and idea, especially those they were not initially accustomed to. Needless to say, an understanding of this adoption of innovations by consumers in the market is useful to marketers of innovation. Specifically, it provides the latter insight into the choices and preferences of the former, making it easier to establish which marketing strategies to intensify. For example, the release of a new iPhone versions annually attracts many Apple lovers. Apple marketers can utilize the opportunity to direct more of their resources to marketing other Apple products such as the MacBook, iPods, and iPads to maximize sales and increase profitability.

2. An understanding of emotion can be used by marketers of a new entertainment streaming service.

Consumer emotion is a crucial factor to consider during a product or brand launch due to customs, beliefs, choices, preferences, and moral standards in the consumers (Katz, Levin, & Hamilton, 2016, p.237). Marketers can use their understanding of emotion to ensure the streaming service does not air programs that offend the public. For example, it should avoid showing pornographic content because it contributes to immorality in the contemporary society. In addition, an understanding of emotion by marketers is essential for a new line of low-fat chocolate. In particular, the marketers should avoid offending the obese and instead use strategies that appeal to consumers generally. For instance, they can emphasize its low-fat content to depict the snack as nutritious to both healthy and unhealthy people.


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Robertson, T. S. (2017). The process of innovation and the diffusion of innovation. The Journal of Marketing, 6(13), 14-19.

September 18, 2023

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