The Discourse Community

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The term discourse community

The term discourse community refers to a group of people who share a topic for discussion or an idea which they need to be brought forward and a solution found. In most cases, discourse communities entail people who share common values and who have a common history. There are certain conditions that one ought to meet so that they are accepted to join a discourse community. one of this condition is that they must accept and learn the typical ways I which the people on that community argue and communicate. When I was in the high school, I had the opportunity of joining the soccer discourse community of my school. I was therefore required to acquire the knowledge, gain the credibility, and learn the game that I loved most. I was able to thrive in the community because I loved to watch the professional and play soccer. I have been playing since I was ten and still play in the city league team. Most of the requirements needed for one to be part of the team were very simple. However, to some of the people, they were very hard.

In my high school years

In my high school years, I was part of the school soccer team. The team was known as the leopards Fc. However, our schoolmates looked at us just like a regular soccer team, but we were a family that had grown and developed to love each other. Initially, we had lost a lot of games, but with time, we gained enough experience in soccer and became a team that was hard to defeat. It is evident that for any society to thrive, the members of that particular society have to share some responsibilities and knowledge (Swales, pg. 215). Therefore, it became my sole role to understand that for me to be accepted into the discourse community, consequently, I had to show my commitment as a team player and be ready to elaborate on my skills and knowledge when communicating with other people and community members.

Logos and ethos play an essential role

Logos and ethos play an essential role in the discourse community. This because they are the pillars which are used to convince the upper-class men and women. As a starter in the city, it becomes necessary for one to adhere to the rules and the regulations given by the seniors. Due to the zeal and the pressure for one to become one of the team, the starters have a hard time because they have to handle the hard and the dirty job. They have the responsibilities of bringing water and are entitled to showing maximum respect to the upper-classmen. If any problem arises in the discourse community, then it is the responsibility of the juniors to explain the reason why the problem occurred.

Attitude, grade, and skills are essential aspects

Attitude, grade, and skills are essential aspects of the discourse community. in the soccer team, the classes were the most important aspects because there was a rule of no pass no play. However, most of the people did not have a problem with this since we had conducted thorough training. However, a small group of the members did not perform well. When one of our members was struggling, we had to join all of us as a team and help if at all we needed to have a full squad for our next few games (Donna, pg. 165). We performed many activities to help our struggling members. This included obtaining help from teachers and tutors when there was a danger or a fear that we may experience some poor performance in our team. When people have a moral and are committed to doing certain things, it becomes necessary that they have to succeed no matter the challenges. Therefore, one of the key aspects that I learned was that a positive attitude is always better than an adverse reaction in any sphere and where success ought to be achieved.

In the school team

In the school team, our leader made it clear that he preferred a person who cared about the team and an alright player than just a great player who cares about himself and not the welfare of the team. I learned that one of the critical aspects of the discourse community is that a person who leads others towards the right path and cares about the welfare of the whole town is highly preferred than just an individual who cares less about the well-being of the city. I, therefore, learn that people like and love those who have a positive contribution to the society. Therefore, even though one might not be useful in doing a specific activity, if he or she has the community at heart, then the particular person is automatically loved and boosted by the city. If he or she requires any support, he automatically gets a boost from the society (John, pg. 17).

In my team

In my team, I always ensured that I worked hard and did my best to motivate myself and my teammates not to lose o our potential. Our team couch provided that we got to understand how the knowledge of ethos takes place in being part of the team. Therefore, he assured that the play relied on us. When we were playing, we understood that it was us who made the decision to join the team and therefore we had to work hard to ensure that we performed well. We had the understanding that we were not forced to do anything by our couch.

Our soccer team comprised

Our soccer team comprised of sophomores and first-year students. On the other hand, the other side was made up of juniors and seniors. The group was split in that manner since that’s how we thought were the best method of helping achieve our goals. We had scheduled time on Friday evenings when we would join together and discuss the issues that we thought were of great importance to our team. We would consider on the events of the past games, on what we needed to improve on to achieve success and keep the right results in the subsequent games.


In conclusion, it is evident that discourse community plays a vital role in helping society achieve some of its goals. As a teenager, soccer is one of such discourse communities that I have been part of. Soccer made me work and communicate with my team, something which I would not have managed to do on my own. To form part of the community, it requires one to be dedicated and commit their time to help build an active community. It helps an individual develop and acquire skills that are crucial for existence and smooth running within the society.

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August 21, 2023

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