The emergency management: Disaster Recovery

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Given the advancement of technology, many fields of specialization use it to their benefit. The assumption is that the importance of technical interventions over conventional means is enormous. Technically, the use of technology in some job is unarguable. It is, in particular, much superior in terms of catastrophe and emergency response (McEntire, 2015). Furthermore, several surveys suggest that the planet is becoming increasingly reliant on technology. Furthermore, McEntire (2015) asserts that the importance of technology in emergency response cannot be overstated (p.349). It is increasingly expanding, with new technologies and applications taking over emergency relief organisations. Bestowing on the previous study, the transformation of emergency responses and recovery has become possible and efficient with the use of contemporary technological interventions. For instance, detectors such as Doppler Rader and intellistreets forecasts and interpret potential dangers while the reverse 911 systems warn civilians of the imminent hazards (McEntire, 2015). Likewise, the use of IT platforms to communicate and advice thousands of people has been evidenced (McEntire, 2015). Therefore, if it were not for technology, what “disasters” would emergency predicaments cause. Perhaps, the old cases (preferably from the19th Century) can be used to explain such rhetoric since the today’s world is technology-dependent. Nevertheless, for this discussion, the paper elaborates on how to reach the populations who are not acquitted to technology.

Since we heavily rely on technology in disaster preparedness, recovery and response, communities that are not acquitted to it may be at a huge disadvantage (Holdeman, 2013). However, emergency agencies can be used to reach out the non-technocrat with ease. Agencies employ the concepts of early engagements through community leaders, non-profits groups, coalitions, and influencers (Medford-Davis & Kapur, 2014). The interaction makes it possible to disseminate appropriate information regarding a potential danger, a method that invokes peoples’ readiness in case of an emergency. Educating the youths on the use of interactive technological platforms, such as Facebook can reach out many non-technocrats (Medford-Davis & Kapur, 2014). Significant information will be conveyed to the entire communities through them. Additionally, in communities where there are recognized kinds of threats, relief forces can be deployed one week before the forecasted danger. The National Emergency Team will direct them to advice the community members appropriately. All the same, there is an increasingly high importance of educating the entire community members on how to use technological tools. They are the most proficient channels of communication.


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November 11, 2021


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