The Emergent Strategy in an Online Tutoring Business

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I have used the deliberate strategy in an online tutoring business which entailed offering student’s online assistance with difficult subjects such as economics and mathematics. It was configured to create value for students who have been scammed on other similar platforms (Pagani 2013). While acknowledging that there were other competitors, the vision and mission on my website stated that a pass was not enough; an excellent past mark was my aim. This gave me the competitive advantage over the competition which mostly promised the minimum pass mark. My strategy was based on the differentiation of offering a money back guarantee if the student failed to pass with more than 90% (Chungyalpa and Bora 2015). I charged a premium for the hourly rate of online tutoring after assessing the environment in which I was competing. I regularly monitored, reviewed and posted the key performance indicators in terms of the high pass marks of my clients and posted them on the website I had created.

Emergent strategy at the personal level

The emergent strategy was on the assumption that unforeseen problems could arise from the execution of the strategy above (Hernandez-Betancur et al. 2017). For example, what happened if the student scored less than what I had guaranteed? Each forward step addresses the unseen obstacles in the strategy above (Fixson and Rao 2014). I factored in this unforeseen situation and promised free tuition in case of a student failing to get an excellent pass mark of 90%. In addition, I also introduced the approach of offline tutoring where I sent the student a simplified and easy to understand format about the subject they were studying. This helped to minimize the excuses of students of not having enough online time due to unforeseen personal issues. Thus the minimum threshold of what should be covered in a subject was met by using the offline resources.


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January 19, 2024


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