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The Apprentice's Assessment Techniques

The Apprentice has four primary techniques of assessment. The first approach is matched contrast, in which the speaker or narrator contrasts each candidate's results to that of others. For example, the narrator portrays one of the girls as underperforming in comparison to her peers. A forced delivery is the second solution. This approach entails managers or company owners assessing employee efficiency on a scale of outstanding, decent, mediocre, and bad. According to the footage, Donald Trump rates the men as bad performers while praising the women for their exceptional success. The third method is a critical incident, which involves the determination of events where a candidate or employee performed exemplary. In this episode, assessment of the employees is majorly based on their performance in the field, for instance, the number of sales and amount of money made depending on the type of environment. The last strategy is alternation ranking which involves classifying the candidates according to their traits. Some of the characteristics considered by Donald Trump are leadership skills such as honesty, decision-making, and integrity. Thus, those possessing these skills qualify for the job.

Performance Evaluators

The three top performance evaluators in this episode are self, peer and review committee. Self-evaluators involve the candidates assessing their level of success in any assigned task. As seen in the video, all candidates measure their performance using the number of money earned for the designated duration. By comparison, peer evaluators assess other candidates according to their performance. For instance, members observe their counterparts as they negotiate with customers or solve their issues. On the other hand, a review committee in the video helps to determine the best participants. The three membered committee chaired by Trump engages the candidates in determining their capability to handle tough leadership roles.

Effectiveness of the Evaluation System

Performance evaluation refers to a review of employees or candidates’ activities to determine their ability to meet organizations goals or their achievements and skills. Performance appraisal measures individuals’ value or contribution to the business. For instance, if they can attract customers, generate more profits or identify new management or marketing techniques.

The performance evaluation method employed by the Apprentice show is useful in the identification of the best candidates according to the setting. For instance, paired comparison works best when participants are team members. Thus, this approach encourages team members to engage with others directly and correct them whenever they make mistakes. Besides, the decision to use forced distribution and alternation ranking leads to the selection of only candidates with strong skills.

Furthermore, performance evaluators are appropriate for the evaluation process. For instance, the review committee consists of individuals experienced in business and leadership; hence, they can identify candidates with the strongest qualities. Besides, peer evaluators observe their counterparts directly and assess them according to the skills exhibited in the field. Thus, they can make unbiased judgments, which enable the company to retain the best and eliminate the weak candidates.

Two approaches can help to improve the evaluation system. The first approach is establishing robust and open communication channels between the employees or candidates and the management or evaluators. These channels allow accessing correct information on participants, hence wise decisions. The second strategy involves establishing a strong performance plan, which should be updated each year. The program should focus on the main areas such as skills, productivity, and personality traits.

December 21, 2022
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