The Failure of a Brand, Product, or Service

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The Failure of Brands and Products

The failure of a brand, product, or service does not mean that it was a bad one. Some of the factors that contribute to the success of a brand are; customer's satisfaction, packaging, size, and price. When people buy a product for the first, they expect that it will satisfy their needs entirely. Consumers can return to a failed product or service due to several reasons.

Reasons for Customers Returning to Failed Brands

Consumers return to failed brands or products if they are cheap, repackaged, resized, or modified to fulfill their needs (Sampedro, 2017). Many customers prefer buying brands that are cost friendly so that they can use the remaining funds to purchase something else or pay for other services. Also, the producer might consider modifying the existing product to meet the current needs. For example, the brand can be resized or repackaged to improve its storage, mobility, or portability. In that case, consumers who bought the product previously might return to that brand and try it once again.

The Potential of Brands

Some brands merit consumers' forgiveness since they have the potential. Although a product might not meet the customer's requirements for the first time, it might have fulfilled some significant needs that other substitutes cannot meet (Joireman, Gregoire, Devezer, & Tripp, 2013). Moreover, the consumer can devise some new ways of dealing with failed brands after understanding their use. Nevertheless, clients cannot return to some failed products, mainly if they did not meet any of their expectations for the first time. Consumers do not use brands that do not evolve to fulfill their changing needs.


To summarize, some brands or products require forgiveness while others do not. Consumers might return to failed products if manufacturers have modified them to satisfy their current needs. Brands that have potential and with no substitutes are likely to be reused despite their failure for the first time.


Joireman, J., Gregoire, Y., Devezer, B., & Tripp, T. M. (2013). When do customers offer firms a “second chance” following a double deviation? The impact of inferred firm motives on customer revenge and reconciliation. Journal of Retailing, 89(3), 315-337.

Sampedro, A. (2017). Brand hate and brand forgiveness: A dynamic analysis. Honors Program Theses.

September 18, 2023



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