The film entitled American Gangster

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Steven Zaillian wrote the screenplay for the well-known movie American Gangster

Steven Zaillian wrote the screenplay for the well-known movie American Gangster, which Ridley Scott produced in 2007. The biographical film, which is based on a true incident, depicts America in the 1970s, when gang violence were prevalent. A detective by the name of Richie Roberts sets out on a mission to capture Frank Lucas, a heroin trafficker. Lucas succeeds his former boss and mentor, who passed away from a heart attack, and becomes the most powerful drug lord. Lucas obtains superior drugs through connections with heroin manufacturers in South East Asia and cunningly smuggles them into the US through deceased Vietnam veterans. Through the support of the New York Mafia, Lucas expands his power to control nightclubs, casinos and even prostitution businesses and his wit in disguise and avoiding drugs ensured that he did get noticed by the federal agents. However, a slip in his principles on a night out with his girlfriend exposes him to agent Roberts who eventually investigates and arrests Lucas. In the end, Lucas bargains for a lesser sentence by exposing corrupt police officers who are arrested and convicted. Although Lucas is sentenced to 70 years imprisonment, he is released in 1991, exactly 15 years following his incarceration.

Correlation to International Crime, Power and Influence

Correlation to International Crime, Power and Influence

A strong association exists between this film and international organized crime, power as well as control. The U.S. Department of Justice (2015), illustrates that a considerable number of individuals still undertake global operations that generate vast sums of money through illegal means including drugs as well as corruption and violence to intimidate competitors and law enforcement officers. Similar to the film's storyline, international crime syndicates protect their activities through corrupt law enforcement officers while at the same time using government, political and economic mechanisms to expand their influence, power and wealth. Furthermore, the association between the movie and international crime is that financial gain through illegal and illegal activities is the principal aim. Lastly, the structure of the criminal organization in both the film and international crime is composed of hierarchies, and also the protection of the leaders and members from detection.


U.S. Department of Justice. (2015, June 2). International Organized Crime. Retrieved from The United States Department of Justice:

April 06, 2023

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