The FILM Gold Rush by Charlie Chaplin

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One of Charlie Chaplin's best movies is The Gold Rush

Despite being a comedy, the film also covers various dramaturgy topics, such as love, the desire for wealth, friendship, and betrayal. The protagonists of the tale are Jim and the prosecutor, two friends who travel to Klondike in pursuit of riches. It's not just them. Many more individuals join the Gold Rush. The film shows how challenging the hunt for gold got and how much people had to endure just to become wealthy. Despite its serious theme, the film is a very comical production, and some critics argue that it was the best film that Charlie Chaplin had ever made.

One of the key aspects about the film is the concept of love

Ever since the beginning of time, love and money have always been two very diverse fields that are interwoven. Once people pursuit wealth, they start seeking love. In this film, the Prosecutor is a very lucky person who finds Georgia, a beautiful woman who is on the gold rush as well. The prosecutor, a role played by Charlie Chaplin himself, falls for her but does not get her right away. A series of problems that befall him before he eventually meets her once he becomes a rich man. Some of the challenges include the lack of food, starvation to the point of cooking a shoe, the cold blizzard, the destruction of their house and altogether the defeat of their mental serenity by the adverse conditions that they face throughout their pursuit for wealth.

Themes of greed and betrayal

While Jim and the Prosecutor work hard to find some gold, an onlooker who gets jealous of their wins tries to steal it from them. One night during a storm, Larsen followed Jim, who was carrying his gold from the deposit, and hits him with a shovel. Jim loses his memory and Larsen steals the gold from him. This aspect of betrayal. Karma takes revenge for Jim whereby Larsen happens to fall on the path of a storm and an avalanche sweeps him to his death after stealing the gold. Despite being a comedy, this film portrays some very serious themes and imparts some critical moral lessons. For instance, in this case the film indicates that greed is bad and only leads to disastrous outcomes. Another moral lesson that the film teaches is on perseverance, because despite the loss of their gold, Jim and the Prosecutor end up getting a bigger gold deposit and eventually become wealthy.

The film is a dramatic comedy that not only makes the audience laugh, but also teaches a few moral lessons. Besides portraying how difficult life is, the film also sheds some light on some of the important aspects about hard work, perseverance, and good karma. Eventually, as the film indicates, after a lot of hard work, patience, and perseverance, everything falls into place. The prosecutor and Jim eventually end up becoming very rich. However, to get this wealth, the Prosecutor has to make a sacrifice, which was to go visit Georgia. He eventually never finds her, but he ends up becoming rich. However, accidentally, the two meet in a train. Therefore, the film also indicates that destiny plays a part in the life of most human beings who are patient. Besides the numerous moral lessons, the comedy is a rib cracking film that leaves the audience happy, sad, and experiencing a mixture of emotions, indicating how good a film The Gold Rush was.

April 06, 2023

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