The Great Debaters: Unraveling the Inspiring Story Behind the Film

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The Great Debaters: A Tale of Inspiration and Triumph

The Great Debaters film generally reflects on how a less advantaged team can win a game in a national competition championship, it is obviously known that inspiration is derived from certain hard work that results in victory and this film affirms and give an inspirational tales of an outstanding coach together with his incredible team. The crew comes from little Willey College in Texas who had a great competition in the 1930s.Tolson Melvin the team master called for the higher standards from his debate team with rewards coming from the national championship.

The Unconventional Coach and the Diverse Team

Incredibly, Tolson is a great American poet but with a wicked personality known to be radical and communist. Ironically, his role as coach in the debate made him win and gain his fame to date. He confiscates demanding auditions and picked out four characters with different personalities that will translate into different roles. Nate Parker is a drunkard fooling around but he is incredibly intelligent; Jermaine Williams is a terrific debater; Forest Whitaker an underage of 14years is an outstanding researcher while Jurnee Smollett is the only female in the debater who acts the surrogate.

Beyond the Competition: Education and Belief

Incredibly, it’s worth fulfilling that Tolson molds the team, disciplines their actions, gives them counseling and guides them towards edges of victory that terminates a triumph over Harvard who are known to be the national champions. On one occasion, Tolson takes a road trip with his team outside town and one night they have a certain emotional feeling of the film that some white mob assassinated a black man a set his body on fire and since some of his characters are black, they narrowly escaped that ordeal scenario. These experiences gave them the need to view their debate as more of a research and not entirely about the competition about the national championship but rather it’s more of how members, coach, school and the community believe that education is the best way that can get them out of a quagmire of discrimination and racism. They are black, determined, and express their minds freely in their debating.

An Inspirational Tale with Historical Accuracy

The Great Debaters is one of the most inspirational tales about the oppressed and unlike other tales; the film is close to providing historical accuracy. Looking at the film for the first time, it seems boring and subtle because who would want to watch a debate? Nonetheless, watching the film, it is easy to realize that the four actors have been used as an instrument to represent a bigger issue in the society and playing Civil Rights Movements roles. The film is interesting and rousing taking account of prejudice and racism and how the black and the white became isolated.

A Powerful Message and the Spirit of Solidarity

What makes the storyline more interesting is how they worked to fight this dilemma, rather than using arms and violence, they utilized powerful messages, great intelligence, imagination, and accuracy which make everything different and also make it pretty hard to argue with it. Confronting the best University isn't just valiance yet, in addition, the soul of solidarity. Everything about the movie was stunning, I believe that they used effective graphics, organization, and the performances of the structure to create and disseminate a powerful message. The film has a great historical representation and all historical films should be filmed in the manner, the film was accurate, just and powerful in communication to its audience.

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