The high-speed railway

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The United Kingdom Government will profit from high-speed rail in different ways. In the first place, the country would be repaired from the north-south rift by investing. In addition, Chancellor George Osborne predicts that the Y-shaped would be geared to the expansion of the Northern Midlands (Tom). In addition, the project will create employment, help rebalancing the economy, that is, between the North and the South and, in addition, provide a forum for United Kingdom Prosperity. The project would be more likely to make the United Kingdom one of the best economies by connecting industry and people, thus facilitating economic activities and competitiveness. Finally, the high-speed railway will act as a catalyst Centre for regenerating and developing the major schemes, and through those, approximately £60 billion would be generated, and the figures can be much higher if a longer-term effect is considered.

Although the project has brought adverse impacts in the United Kingdom, there are still some benefits, which have overweighed the negativity such as in sustainable development, economy, society and the environment benefits. The United Kingdom government projections are that the project will create about 70% jobs outside London, and the North and Midlands are some of the areas to benefit more than the city. Another benefit is based on the environmental factor where the mitigation of green tunnels and planting of trees will prevent environment pollution (De Castella). Moreover, the project will reduce road accidents and the drop in the infant mortality. The investments got from the annual capital will assist in creating jobs, provide decent rates of return and finally stimulate the economic activities.

Summing up, the high-speed rail is a reality in the United Kingdom, and it is the right answer for the country. Also, although the project is controversial to the country, many world countries have embraced it, and it is faster growing their economies, environmental and the social factors thus, United Kingdom should continue with the project.

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October 12, 2022

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