The House I Live In Documentary Analysis

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The house I live in' by Eugene Jarecki is a documentary about the drug war that has ravaged the United States. Its aim is to quantify the true cost of America's losing war on drugs.

Documentary about the War on Drugs

'America's War on Drugs' is a documentary that takes viewers on a comprehensive trip through five decades of American drug policy. It follows drug traffickers, users, and law enforcement officials on both the United States and international fronts.

The documentary features interviews with former DEA and CIA officers. It also provides a detailed look at how narco trafficking helped fuel the counter-culture movement.

The documentary also examines how the drug trade has changed since the Reagan administration. Drugs are now cheaper than ever. This has led to armed disputes between competing factions. The US government has taken action to preserve its own interests, despite the human cost in the United States and abroad.

The film also features stories of prisoners and judges. The documentary is a co-production of Charlotte Street Films and NHK Japan.

Intergenerational effect

Whether you live with your parents, children, in-laws, or grandparents, the intergenerational effect of the house you live in is important. Various studies have explored the impact of these factors on families.

In most cases, families tend to have separate living areas. This can lead to conflicts. For example, grandparents may not be comfortable with large parties in the house. Moreover, some families may be isolated because of travel restrictions.

The housing situation has an important effect on health. This is particularly true for those between 35 and 60. The younger generation may worry about their living situation and save more money.

In addition, the fear of loneliness has a higher effect on older people. It is correlated with lower self-reported health scores and mortality.

However, the impact of intergenerational living on social isolation is not yet explored. Developing more intergenerational shared sites can help improve the health of older adults and reduce social isolation.

November 28, 2022




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