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The House on Mango Street Point of View

In the novel, the first-person narration was used. To describe the events of the novel, the narrator employs the pronoun 'we.' The narrator introduces elements of anger and misunderstanding as she encounters them. When she draws attention to herself, the writer creates a vulnerable spot in the reader's heart. The plot revolves around a young girl who is dissatisfied with her lifestyle (Cisneros, 1984). Her family has been on the run her whole life, from Paulina to Keeler to Lumis to finally Mango Street. The houses she has lived in have always had problems ranging from little space that they have to share rooms, lack of bathrooms, leaking water pipes to no water at all making them carry water with empty milk bottles to get water.

In the instance, third person omniscient was used. The focus could have been on the effort put by parents to be able to make her and siblings life easy. The parents make constant effort to move into their dream housekeeping the faith for a dream home with space, enough bathrooms and bedrooms and a backyard with trees. The dad plays the lotto, and the mom gives bedtime stories are filled with a fantasy about their dream lives (Cisneros, 1984). Slowly they moved from rental houses to the Mango house that is now not a dream house but hope for better. Despite how she feels even when the school nun calls their Lummi house ‘there’ they moved to a better place. The mango house is an almost close description of their dream home. There is a bathroom, trees on the yard and even a garage showing a slight improvement from their previous life. The narrator using first person narration makes us see the story from one side but if she used third person omniscient we can see the events unfolding in a whole perspective.


Cisneros, S. (1984). The house on Mango Street (1st ed.). Chicago: Knopf Doubleday PublishingGroup.

August 18, 2021

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