The Impact of Robert Raushenberg on Society

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Robert Rauschenberg artwork since 1940’s until 2008 exhibition which is organized by Tate Modern from London in conjunctions with Museum of Modern Art New York, in appreciation to his works contribution to the society. The Robert Rauschenberg: Erasing the Rules event is taking place in San Francisco. The works being covered will focus on his paintings and sculpture.

Line, color, texture and space

According to the presented samples Robert combined the line between printing and Sculpture to make a statement that art and life were similar and there are no criteria for predicting the meaning of his work. The color of his paintings is seen to be a combination of all types including red, blue and a lot of black. The value of Rauschenberg paintings and sculpture presented in this exhibition are not priced for various unstated reasons. (Wechsler, 2006, pp.60-77) Most of Roberts work is of smooth texture although there are specific sculptures that feel rough. The discrepancy in the artist work in terms of texture is caused by the concept of their creation. For the sculptures and paintings created from traditional materials, their texture is rough but those from modern painting items are smooth. The shape of his paintings and sculptures are diverse considering the concept being covered (Greene, 2004, pp.19).

The event is a general representation of nature in art. It is to show how nature can be used to express feeling by people. Canyon is one of the art present which combines paint and objects of real life showing that they are one. It rooks rough but the intended meaning is clear that life can be shared through art.

 By the use of traditional materials to paint, culture has been embrace in Roberts work especially the in the eagle painting. He has also used modern paintings to show that trends have changed in artwork due to advanced technology.


Celebrating the lifework of Robert Rauschenberg is a major contribution in support of art and a way of maintaining a sense of cultural belonging. Hence, the event is contributing positively to the society. Expressing life through art as Robert did should be imitated by other artist.

Works cited

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August 01, 2023


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