The Impact of Slavery on African Americans

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This is a movie that describes African American history through the views of historians, authors, and the people who made history. In this episode Gates illustrates how the blacks’ lives changed dramatically as a result of the American Revolution. The main point of view of the film is that while the free blacks perceived this period as a tremendous opportunity, for the slaves, there was the era of new nadir. As King Cotton intensified slavery even into new territories, so did resistance. African Americans individuals and masses were determined to undermine and eradicate slavery into all states, and they involved themselves in mass rebellions and demonstration.

            The author relied on both primary and secondary data to make the film. He travelled throughout the United States, visited important historical sites, and participated in debates with some of America’s best historians and interviews with living eyewitnesses like Ruby Bridges and Charlayne Hunter-Gault. However, some scenes could have been made up the author could not have known this from the available evidence. Gates uses archival footage and photographs even from the pre-slavery era prudently; he does not rely only on images to tell his story. Instead, he is also the narrator and employs a steady voice to help the audience see just how humiliating the journey was from Africa to America. Gates uses artifacts like slave documents to support his point of view. This presents the audience with a moment in history from a flexible end.

            America is a country that prides itself on freedom, but contrary to the prevailing assumptions, it was built on the backs of the slaves; if it were not for the slavery then this big nation would exist. The historical arguments laid in this film are compelling; they showcase how detrimental slavery for the Africans and how the results of this system will influence generations for decades to come. It provides more details that are missing from several history books.

September 25, 2023


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African American History

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