The Impact of the Glass Ceiling on an Organisation

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All Organisations and Employee Challenges

All Organisations are aimed at employing highly qualified employees who aspire to offer quality services aimed at a high production of the company (Wayne, Hobbler, et al). However, these employees encounter a number of challenges as they manoeuvre up the ladder in an organisation as per their promotions, the resistance towards employee promotion brings with itself some great impact to the culture of an organisation which includes; Retarded growth of both the company progress and the services and products that it offers (Wayne, Hobbler, et al). This is as a result of lack of motivation to employees since no promotions hence failing to give the maximum out of themselves while offering their services to the company. The culture of a company which includes; the principles and beliefs of the organisational members and their collective values is also affected in that they face the monopoly leadership whereby there is no change in leadership. This is due to unavailability of promotions hence some employees may go and find some better positions in other places/Organisations (Wayne, Hobbler, et al).

Methods to Overcome the Glass Ceiling Problem

Employees who qualify for promotions but facing the glass ceiling problem in an organisations can use different methods to overcome it; the most important to take into consideration while trying to overcome the problem is by first changing the workplace culture which involves; Bringing a positive perspective to the leaders on why the glass ceiling hinders the ability of an Organisation to prosper and coming up with evidences which indicate that promotions in a company and leadership change should be considered for a company to prosper (Wayne, Hobbler, et al).

The Impact of the Glass Ceiling in the 21st Century

The Glass Ceiling has highly affected the 21st century generation which is highly motivated since a third of the generation lacks the patient character hence adverse effects which include; leaving their jobs for different organisations on the promise that the services offered there are better, secondly the problem of unemployment has relatively increased due to extended working period/years which is as a result of the glass ceiling effect.


Wayne, Hobbler, et al. (2009). The perception assumed by Bosses' on work place conflict and     glass ceiling effect: The Management Journal. 52s (5).

October 30, 2023

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