The Importance of Antibiotics in Nursing Practice

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The Impact of Antibiotic Resistance

The blog and the article have comprehensively discussed how antibiotic bacteria become resistant when their drugs are used continuously. From the two posts, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has noted that antibiotic malfunctioning often occurs when the bacteria adapt to the drugs through mutation. Moreover, the posts highlight that the purpose of antibiotics is to cure bacterial infections but not being used to treat viral maladies like flu or cold ( Hence, the articles state that medical practitioners are required to make accurate prescriptions, join forces with other physicians, improve on the use of antibiotics, and offer the right information to patients regarding antibiotic drugs.

Pharmacology for Nursing Practice

The article ties into Pharmacology for Nursing Practice course as it has explained how antibiotic diseases are spread to various persons. Moreover, the article has listed some of the drugs such as penicillin which was discovered by Fleming to help those who were infected by the bacteria (file:///C:/Users/hp/Downloads). Just like the Course, the article has offered roles that the staff nurses are supposed to accomplish. Besides, the article mentions agencies like the CDC which are intensively discussed in Pharmacology for Nursing Practice course.

The Impact on Nursing Practice

The knowledge which is posted in the article and the blog impacts nursing practice especially on matters which are related to infections. An example of the nursing intervention which is impacted is the infection control initiative that nurses practice. Nurses have been educated on how to handle patients who are faced with bacterial septicity and also how to administer drugs to them. The last nursing intervention that has been impacted is mobility therapy, an incident in which medics are needed to monitor their patients closely.




October 13, 2023



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