The Importance of Appreciating All That We Have in Our Lives

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The movie features Erin Brockovich who does not have a job, she is a single mother, and desperately looking out for a job to help her lead a better life, but she had no luck at all. The tough times went as far as her lawsuit against a doctor failing to bear fruits. She pleads with the health officer to offer her an employment as a compensation for the loss. She is despised by almost everyone because of her poor dressing code and worldly behaviors, which soon changed when she starts to evaluate a very suspicious case involving a real estate business firms, the Pacific Gas and the Electrical firm. She notes that the firm has been trying silently to procure land that was heavily polluted by hexavalent chromium, a poisonous waste that the plant is illegally disposing, and in the end adversely impacting the life of the people in the area. As she searches deeper into the case, she gets herself in lead of events that will entail her get involved in one of the hugest class action lawsuits that have ever been done in America against rich firms. This paper seeks to evaluate the organization on “Erin Brockovich”. The movie combatively talks about all that we value in life and the requirement of valuing them at every times. The film educates the significance of appreciating all that we own and things that we desire in life. There is high need of valuing and not assuming all that we have in our lives.

Survey research

The evaluation of the fill be conducted by the conduction of a research study. The aim of the survey will be to ascertain the efficiency of the film in [passing across its central themes to the main spectators. The main objective of the film is to let people understand the importance of appreciating all that we have on individual level, which will form the main focus of the entire survey study. For instance, the Donna Jensen’s family has always been visiting the clinic regularly because the family has a string of medical problems (Barnett, 2017). The survey study tries to assess the effect of the film to multiple perceptions in terms of the alteration that it has caused in the lives of the viewers watching the movie. Thus, the research will aim at assessing whether different literature devices of passing data to the people in ways that will make the people will easily understand. The characters of people like Erin as well as Jensen will also be reviewed in order to help in understanding the appreciation theme that the film has to the audience.

Research Methodology

The data was collected from two separate areas. The areas were selected on the following grounds; first, the area where the movie had been watched and then zone where it was not observed. The first technique involves the utilization of observation from the regions where the film has not been viewed. A series of questionnaires will be given to respondents in the zone where people have seen the movie.

Need Assessments and its significance in the Study

The need evaluation of all that was to be involved in the study was conducted basing on the main aim of the research. Thus, in order to attain the aim of the study the identification of the most essential components of the study that will in turn result in great success in the study. The factors considered in the needs assessment comprise of the kinds of respondents, research methodology, size of the sample, and the resources that are available to use for the study (Butt, 2017). The respondents were needed to have knowledge of the avatars in the movie such as Erin, and characters in the lawsuit against the firm among others.

The need evaluation will be critical in the assembling of the desired information of the research whereby it will assist in focusing the collection of data that is only important to the central objective of the study. It shall also help in the selection of the appropriate methods to utilize in the collection of data and the passing of the questionnaires to the right audience by making sure that the real cost and purpose of the study is considered.

Ethical Implications

Ethics refers to the behavioral codes that one must live by while conducting any activity such as research. It always defines the required association between the respondents and the in the movie; it has been realized that the Pacific and the Electric gas plant all acted unethically by not being truthful to the Hinkley community members on the safety of the drinking water. This led into Jensen’s society having a string of medical problems as a consequence of using contaminated water (Barnett, 2017). However, during the study we regulated, and this had great help in making sure that success was achieved during the study. It also assisted making sure that our respondents are confident that we wont expose any information that they deliver to us. It also made sure that there was no manipulation of the data collected.


From the study, it was realized that the lives of were profoundly changed based on the levels at which the people appreciated all that they had after watching the film. Hence, the movie succeeds in delivering its information about appreciation to the audience.


Barnett, J. T. (2017). Impurities: Thinking Ecologically With Safe. Communication, Culture & Critique, 10(2), 203-220.

Butt, L. (2017). Environmental Crime and Social Conflict: Contemporary and Emerging Issues Avi Brisman, Nigel South, and Rob White (Editors) Ashgate Publishing Limited, Farnham, UK, 2015. Australian Journal of Environmental Education, 1-4.

September 25, 2023

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