The Importance of Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) in Storplus Pty Ltd

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As a coffee company in Australia, MacVille deals with supplying and importation of the product. The company’s major aim is to supply restaurants and cafes with coffee of high quality. The production and distribution of the coffee are done in accordance with high environmental and social standards. The intention of the company is to emerge as the number one supplier of coffee to the renowned restaurants and shops in Australia. However, for MacVille to achieve its aim, the company must adopt several strategies that will ensure that it beats all the competition around. The company must come up with several effective ways of ensuring that the services it offers are of excellent quality. The strategy will ensure that the sales volumes of MacVille Company increase. The company is also coming up with ways of reducing its expenditures. Through this strategy, it will be able to control all the production expenses. The company must also come up with strategies for ensuring that it monitors the quality of suppliers.

MacVille’s plan to start a relationship with a village in Papua New Guinea highlands. The village grows coffee beans and acquiring it as a supplier to the company can help in increasing the production of MacVille. However, for the company to realize the profits it seeks, it must provide high skilled training and equipment to the farmers in the village. According to research, the village can supply 20% of the company’s inputs. However, the venture will come with several risks that the company must address. If ignored, MacVille can face a great crisis and therefore, the management must take full control of the situation.

Continuous Improvement Process

Continuous Improvement Process is a strategy that is used by many companies to ensure that its operations continue to become effective and relevant to the clients. The process can involve the introduction of new techniques which are more effective than the existing ones. Sometimes, the old methods can be done away with in order to pave way for new ones. Australian Hardware Limited must come up with collaborative workshops to replace individual learning. In such cases, the employees of the company are able to come together and share ideas regarding their operations. Through the interactions of the employees of the company, Australian Hardware Limited is able to enhance their operations. The strategy will help the company to increase the number of clients.

The company needs to do a thorough coaching of its support and customer service staff. The strategy will help in reducing the cases of unsatisfied customers. Australian Hardware Limited has had cases of customer standoff. The situation has been experienced due to reluctant employees. Therefore, if the company is able to coach its employees on customer service, it will be able to provide quality services to the customers. The management of Australian Hardware Limited together with the employees is involved in the CIP. Their involvement ensures that the whole process and operations of the company are effective and customer-centered. The strategy will help reduce the cases of refunds and complaints. When the services provided by the company are enhanced, the customers will be satisfied and that will help improve the image of Australian Hardware Ltd. The company concentrated on sensitization process as a way of ensuring that the employees understand the whole procedure.

StorPlus Pty Ltd

For the company to realize improvement in its operations, it is important that the management adjusts some of its services. The managers must be able to engage the customers in the services of the company. Customer feedback is crucial in the process of improving the operations of a firm. A company that deals with the distribution such as StorPlus Pty Ltd must consult the clients to determine the goods that are in higher demand. Demand for goods controls the supply and purchase of products.

Another recommendation to the company is controlling the indirect and directs operation cost. The control ensures that the operations costs remain within stipulated budget. The situation is crucial in helping to reduce the cost of operations. The strategy is also important in reducing the time spent on operations.

Performance management plan template



Review period:

Reference from operational plan (objective)

Key result area

(strategic direction)

Indicator of success/


By when



Reduce operation costs

Controlling the cost of operations. The budget is used to ensure that all the operations of the company do not negatively affect the financial situation of the company.

1-Cost of operation reduced by 20%.

2-Reduction in operation time



Engagement of customers

Getting customer feedback. Several media platforms are important in maintaining a connection with the clients of the company.

1-Increased sales and orders made.

2-increased supply to distributors

3-Few cases of consumer complaints



Reducing the duration of supply

Having platforms and technologies that will enhance supply of products to distributors

1-Few consumer complaints.

2-Timely delivery of products.



Improving the health of employees

Reduction in the number of employee accidents by putting in places safety measures.

1-Reduced employee accidents.

2-Reduced health expenses incurred by the company.



Report Outcome 3

The improvements made in the company have several impacts in its operations. Most of the evaluations have generated positive results. Introduction of new technology and machinery with enhanced safety measures has helped in reducing the rates worker’s accidents. The reduction in the cases of accidents has helped the company in reducing the revenue allocated towards health expenses. Focus on the customers is a strategy that has helped the company to increase its sales. The company has invested in communication networks and platforms which ensure that the connection between its staff and clients is maintained. Through the strategy, the company has been able to appeal to the consumers of its products and remain relevant to the needs of the people.

The company has also taken full control of its cost of operations. The situation has been facilitated by the strict adherence to the stipulated budgets. Through the strategy, the company has been able to reduce its cost of operation by twenty percent. The strategy helps in reducing additional operating costs that may be incurred by the firm during its transaction processes.

October 30, 2023

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