The Importance of Diverse Nursing Workforce

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The United States of America is currently a diverse nation than it was used to be before. This can be clearly noted by the notion that non-white racial and native groups will comprise of a large number of the American people later in the century. Representation of these many groups within the health profession is way below their actual representation in the population. Increase racial and ethnic diversity among health experts is vital because it is clear that diversity goes hand in hand with improved reach to care for racial and native patients, better patient choice and gratification, and better all-round educational encounters for the health expert, students, among other advantages. The connection between multiculturalism in the nursing profession and health care will be explored further when underlaid points have been excavated deeper.

Executive summary of organizational diversity

The Impact of a Diverse Workforce on Patient Outcomes

    There is a strong connection between cultural diversity and the nursing workforce where it results in better quality and culturally competent care on the patients. Despite strides being in nursing where recruitment and graduation of nurses that mirror the actual population of the patients, more must be done before the actual representation.  There is need to attract more students from the minority groups that have been underrepresented in nursing especially the men and the African American, Hispanic, American Indian, Asian and Alaskan backgrounds (Kim, 2012).

    A study was conducted in the United States of America that pointed out that during a census that was conducted in 2012, more than third of the population were individuals from ethnic and minority racial groups. This points a projection that this small group will definitely sum up to a large number by 2043. This shows professional nurses ought to demonstrate and understand the variety of cultures that are currently available so as to provide quality care across all settings available. Hospital associations, nursing organizations and other federal Divisions of nursing came to conclude the need for recruitment underrepresented groups into the health profession. A number of strategies have been looked upon so as to improve the nursing diversity so as to better patients care.  (Bednarz & Doorenbos, 2010)

      Robert Wood initiated a Doctoral Advancement in Nursing Project that enhances the number of the underrepresented nurse in completing Ph.D. and DNP degrees. The project came up with the white paper that features successful student recruitment and retention strategies that can be used by nursing institutions that goes about the comprehensive approaches to leadership and scholarships that mold the development of students. The collaboration of nursing organizations ought to be advocated so as to provide funding for the Nursing Workforce Development Programs. The objective of this funding aims to increase opportunities in the nursing profession especially for those individuals in the less advantaged backgrounds.

Integration of Multiculturalism and Diversity into Organizational Practices

    Integration of multiculturalism and diversity in the health sector is very essential to achieve a well round organization that focuses on everyone's needs despite the differences. At the last census in 2012, over 1.6 million people were non-English speaking individuals who spoke over 150 different languages. In response to this, measures were taken in the provision of social services by the Health ministry so as to ensure better quality health care to all people despite the cultural diversity among these individuals. Individuals from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds will have access to information pertaining to their health professionals.

    Diversity has made it possible for health policies and services to reach individuals from culturally, religious and linguistic backgrounds. To add on that, multicultural health services are evidence-based in the provision of health amenities in culturally diverse societies. Individuals from these diverse culturally diverse backgrounds have the opportunity to contribute towards decisions that revolve around health and other factors that affect them health wise which has been brought about by diversity in the health sector.

Current Nursing Recruitment and Retention Policies in the Hospital

    Coming up with a diverse workforce that mirrors the society and the people's population is one good way in fostering the provision of culturally better health care as well as other complimentary benefits of increased patient belief, increased share in the market and decrease in staff. A sample test among hospitals was conducted to see if they complied with this that is, whether or not if they had any plans to recruit or retain a diverse administrative workforce that is able to cater the cultural needs of the patients. Over half of the hospitals indicated they had plans to recruit and retain their diverse workforce than stratified health institutions. There was a margin of about 23% between judgment and stratified hospitals when it came to this subject.       Hospitals get involved in many activities to diversify their workforce but still face a number of challenges (Casida, 2008).

    Some hospitals tend to see it better in joining or conducting their community job fairs especially in native pockets of the community that help encourage individuals from their community to work at their hospital. Other hospitals tend to partner with local high schools particularly those with a large number of minority students so as to increase the student's interest in the health care profession and other related health care jobs. Similar to such an approach, a hospital at one western region would go as far as providing financial support to these high schools for students who take on a medical related course so as to increase the interest among the students as well.

Level of Cultural Integration in the Hospital and Its Importance

    A nurse's main focus is to provide better patient care to the best quality possible. Practicing cultural integration has become more relevant than ever. This is due to the advancement in the cultural landscape of our world as it goes on diversifying. Cultural integration in the nursing profession goes a long way in providing better health care for all people of all cultures. This is relevant in everyone's day to day living, especially for the nurses who care for patients regularly in their most defenseless state. A study was conducted that revealed that the number of male nursing professionals was low when compared to females. Many might argue this is normal considering the profession but that may not be that right at all especially when we look at normalizing culture in health institutions.

    Empowerment in the nursing profession depends on the lack of discriminatory forces in gender, ethnicity, race and economic rank. Efforts made to give cultural diversity among the nursing professions were cut out as the changes made did not address systems attributes. The hierarchy was not culturally diverse as very few senior individuals were from underrepresented groups of ethnic minorities. Nursing professions that aspired to become senior individuals professed the current hierarchical setup as culturally biased especially during the promotion sequences (King et al.,2010)

Recommendations for Improving Multiculturalism in the Hospital

     Hospitals ought to make use of the resources available through community links and partnerships (Kim, 2012). The inclusion of community members from diverse backgrounds on formal boards and in health planning meetings. This would go a long way in diversifying multiculturalism in health institutions where minorities within communities would be considered. Drawing such insights collaborative way can build trust within the community. 

     Partnering with local native media to promote a better understanding of available hospital service and provision of routes to all community members so as to access health care would go a long way in spreading multiculturalism among hospitals(Lantz, 2008) Diverse communities tend to get their information from informal sources rather than mainstream media hence this becomes a gap in between them and the health services that one would need.

    Health care institutions have come to see the strong relationship between having culturally competent nursing staff and positive patient outcomes. They have begun special programs to become culturally competent. In spite of this, changes to nursing leadership and staff are not systematic because health institutions do not follow a structured evidence-based approach. Organizations ought to consider the different views because issues arising from one part of the organization can affect the parts.


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