The Importance of Eight Hour Workday

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I think Samuel Gompers was right in noting that it was crucial that other workers show solidarity and strength in supporting their counterparts in the United States so that there can be a limitation on the number of hours a laborer needs to work for. The human body is not a machine and therefore required enough time to recharge and get ready for the next chapter of a workday. Even though there would be more time to relax, perform some leisure activities and production would be low, man would have enough to think of ideas and become innovative. The argument that man on spending too many hours without work would lead to alcoholism is not entirely true. This is because people can use the time provided to him to perform his or her little industrial activities.

It is evident that working for eight hours and sleeping for eight hours a day makes a country more efficient. This is because there is a balance between devoting thoughts to industrial work as well as devoting thoughts to one's dreams and visions. In this way, I support the author as working most of the hours makes a man a machine that is programmed to do only a single duty until it breaks down. It is normal to want more pay as no one is ever satisfied. But in this case, everyone has to work hard to earn the raise that is much needed. As it is, the innovation of electricity and steam machines makes it harder and harder to survive. The innovations themselves provide the right amount of motivation to allow an individual to think about how to simplify life and come up with hacks that translate to money.

November 24, 2023

Business Economics

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