The Importance of Group Project

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First, let me congratulate you for a well-written post. I marveled at your mastery of language and the prose with which you wrote the discussion post. I agree with you that the group project was an aha-moment since it gave every team member an opportunity to show their skills and proficiency. While some were good at qualitative skills, others were well acquitted with presentation skills. Also, the group project helped illustrate that everyone has a role to play in the achievement of the set objectives. Although it is easy to assume that only one person is responsible for propelling a group towards the realization of the set goals, my involvement in the group project taught me that every individual’s participation is of paramount importance and hence the need to work as a team.

How I wish you had explained in your post as to whether you would want to learn how to fit a square peg in a round hole or a round hole in a round peg. In my case, I am more inclined towards activities that are conducted in-house and hence, I consider myself a square peg and I wish I can become more outgoing as this would expand my social circle and reduce my social anxiety. I also noted you stated problem-solving skill as your main takeaway from this class and in my case, it is the same. Also, this class taught me the essence of listening emphatically to another person. Most people listen with an intention to respond as soon as possible, but involvement in the group discussions emphasized to me the importance of listening to understand.

October 24, 2023

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