The Importance of Indigenous Knowledge

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Deloria Jr, Vine. "American Indian metaphysics." Winds of Change (2001): 49-67 and Wildcat, Daniel R. "Indigenizing education: Playing to our strengths." Power and place: Indian education in America (2001): 7-19.

The source gives Deloria’s idea on science and metaphysics in which she criticized the Western science. She suggested that western science works in accordance with a different paradigm from that of the indigenous knowledge practices. Her arguments differ with Feyerabends epistemological anarchy in relation to the contemporary environmental impacts. In addition, she supports a relational epistemology that is more restrained.

The issue of race is depicted in this reading in which the writer discusses western and Indian ways of thinking and acceptance of science. However, issues of sexuality are not evident in the piece of work which is more concerned with indigenous practice of knowledge versus western science. The indigenous race is more concerned with mythological views which he considers too primitive.

The strengths of the works include giving an account of science as anarchy and relating it to a collective experience of human participation with the natural phenomena. The weakness of the work is that it aligns science with vicious abstraction and exclusion. The work also accuses western culture for planetary dominance while ignoring traditional culture and morals “Western science has no moral basis and is entirely incapable of resolving human problems” (Deloria 202).

This work is connected to the other texts as they are all addressing marginalization of the Native Americans after introduction of western values. Indigenous culture is at risk of extinction if the community fails to raise its voice. Therefore, the text just like the others focuses cultural values and conservation of traditions.  

The work challenged my beliefs in science as it associated it with harm to the indigenous people. In addition, science is blamed for oppression of people during the colonial era especially the native population. I have realized that metaphysics could be blamed for alienation especially when western science religion was introduced.

Too Sacred To Develop. Justice For The Blackfeet People. file:///C:/Users/Hp/Downloads/21_Blackfeet_Too_Sacred_to_Develop_2017__1_.pdf

The reading focuses on the Blackfeet community in Montana that believes that their people were created together with mountains and springs. The Blackfeet have great value for their region but the oil and gas industry want to drill the precious commodity. The people observe their traditions strictly and feel that any mining activities will interfere with her sacred land.

Ethnicity is depicted in this reading since there is evidence of tribal and cultural significance of the land to the people. Religion is also depicted as portrayed in the respect the community has for the Badger-Two Medicine. Furthermore, people value the landscape for its oral history, “creation stories and ceremonies of the Blackfeet people”.

The argument by the Blackfeet weak as their purpose of protecting the land is only for spiritual and historical purpose rather than economic befits. The land has oil and gas, which can bring income to the people but the community, opposes drilling without concrete evidence that the mining activities will negatively affect the land. Although oil and gas drilling cause damage to the environment the economic benefits are more.

The reading addresses problems faced by a minority community as they try to protect its natural resources. In addition, the people protect their culture and sacred places of worship. The reading has a great connection with others as they are all analysing marginalization of certain communities.

I do not agree with the Blackfeet argument that drilling should not be done in the area. The community should first consider the benefits of the mining activity and allow investors to drill as this will bring income. Although there are damages to the land after the mining activity, the benefits will improve the lives of the people in the area.

LaDuke, w. Recovering the Sacred: The Power of Naming and Claiming. Cambridge, MA: South End Press.

The argument in this reading is the importance of traditions for the Native American Society and preservation of natural resources. The work gives the differences between mainstream and indigenous thinking in America by interviewing several scholars. The author also gives suggestions of accessing cultural and social traditions for creating political change today.

Religion and ethnicity are depicted in the text, as the author tends to highlight the sacred objects of the people. Traditional beliefs are prominent in the piece in which there is a close focus on traditional beliefs. LaDuke is more concerned with sacred life and uses the essay t express the current situation for the Native Americans.

The work has addressed the plight of the Native Americans strongly especially on protection of their places and natural resources “An intricate network of mines” (35). The work also criticizes political marginalization leading to extreme levels of poverty. The greatest strength of the text is criticizing of the government’s neglect of the Native Americans while it involves itself with other things such as gene mapping.

The reading has great connection with the others as they are addressing the problems facing the Native Americans. The issues highlighted in each include religion, culture, natural resources, and race. Sacred life is important and the text acknowledges its importance in the community.

I support the writer’s idea about the Native Americans and the challenges they face every day. The author writes about the current situation as well as the way forward for the community that I facing marginalization from the government. Protection of natural resources is important in America especially for the tribe of the Native Americans.

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Too Sacred To Develop. Justice For The Blackfeet People. file:///C:/Users/Hp/Downloads/21_Blackfeet_Too_Sacred_to_Develop_2017__1_.pdf

LaDuke, w. Recovering the Sacred: The Power of Naming and Claiming

August 14, 2023


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