The Importance of Industrialization in Britain

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Industrialization and its Importance

Industrialization is an essential aspect in a country's journey to grow economically, utilize labor fully, and apply high-level technology in production. Some countries such as Britain acquired an early lead in industrialization due to three significant reasons.

Plentiful Supply of Coal

First, they had a plentiful supply of coal, which was an important ingredient in the industrial process. Steam engines used in industrial production relied on energy derived from coal. Unlike other nations with coal mines in Europe, coal in Britain was close to the surface and easy to obtain (Clark 206).

Colonial Empire Assistance

Second, a vast colonial empire that was controlled by Britain offered help to obtain an early lead in industrialization. In essence, the colonial empires provided a large pool of natural resources and raw materials used in the manufacture of goods. Equally, the empire proved to be useful in providing a market for their finished products. With many natural resources at their disposal, the countries found it easy to develop and obtain a lead in industrialization.

Role of Innovations and Inventions

Innovations and inventions played a crucial role in ensuring some countries obtained an early lead in industrialization. For instance, the agricultural revolution in Britain that aimed at increasing food production led to the emergence of the industrial revolution. Such countries had access to a large pool of cheap labor that helped them gain a lead. Food production increased in Britain due to inventions and innovations. To a large extent, countries that obtained an early lead in industrialization had the privilege of abundant supplies of coal, natural resources, cheap labor, and a favorable political climate.

Work Cited

Clark, Gregory. "Too much revolution: Agriculture in the industrial revolution, 1700–1860." The British industrial revolution. Routledge, 2018. 206-240.

November 13, 2023

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