The Importance of Journalism in Digital Media

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Newspaper Publication: The Oldest Form of Communication

Newspaper publication has been around for over 300 years hence regarded as the oldest form of communication. Even though newspapers were the most common form medium, modern technology has changed the communication platform. True to Shirky's statement, current generation ought to accept that the demise of newspapers is inevitable. However, what we need in current society is not newspaper rather it is journalism.

The Influence of Digital Devices

First, the modern generation spends much time on digital devices like smartphones. Meanwhile, any media intend to reach out to the highest number of consumers. Therefore, most companies prefer to use digital platforms to reach their audience. As a result, it is important to shape the generation on the appropriate and ethical dimension of journalism in digital media rather than trying to save the inevitable fall of print media.

The Cost Factor: Print vs Digital

Second, the cost of establishing and maintaining newspapers is expensive. On the other hand, digital media have proved to be less costly in reaching a large audience. As a result, media organizations should channel their focus on adopting journalism in technology rather than opposing it.

The Importance of Audience Reach

Lastly, those in opposition claim that newspapers are responsible for most of the journalistic lifting including covering every part of major stories in the society. While the argument is true, the major issue arises from the fact that a large population of the current generation prefers to read information on their devices as opposed to the newspapers. Therefore, what's the importance of using a medium that has less to no audience?

In Conclusion: Journalism over Newspapers

In conclusion, many people regard the newspaper as the oldest form of communication. However, the emergence of technology is threatening the survival of the print media. Print media are not only expensive to create but to maintain as well. While many people wonder how the society will operate in the absence of newspaper, it is important to understand that the society does not need newspaper rather it needs journalism.

September 11, 2023

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