The Importance of Kolb's Learning Theory in Education

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Kolb`s learning process is crucial for every student as well as the instructor. The effectiveness of the learning process will be determined its ability to impart the relevant knowledge and skills to the learner. A challenge comes in when the instructor uses the wrong method to disseminate information to learners, translating into the undesired results. Despite the competence and skills of an instructor, the success of the course will depend on the process used.

 This leads us to the Kolb`s learning theory as the means of imparting knowledge and skills. The process has proved vital in the dissemination of information within and beyond the class. This has been evidenced from its holistic approach to education by subjecting the learners to be observant, think at a deeper level, assess themselves, and interpret the concepts that have been learned. This has not only been found to be useful in class but to life elements such as decision making, argumentation, critical thinking, friendship formation, creativity and innovation. These skills are essential in fostering the success of individuals in life due to their ability to make one to realize his or her dream.

This discovery has resulted made such persons actualize their dreams and benefit the society immensely. Apart from achieving personal goals, it promotes peace and harmony within the society by instilling self-respect and of others in the community. Besides, it advances critical decision making which is vital in solving pertinent issues that affect the nation. This work dwells on the importance of the learning theory in problem-solving, critical decision making, teamwork, communication and leadership development as a learner. I ensured that I took a stand in every situation despite the controversies that may surround it.


Decision making

The theory was beneficial in assisting me to grasp whatever we were taught in the class to a deeper level. Everything learnt was subjected to a thorough questioning and scrutiny before adoption. Moreover, the generation of new ideas was made possible due to an in-depth study of the course beyond the literal meaning. Apart from just relying on theoretical information, I also considered data to arrive at solutions. This aided me in critically making informed decisions regarding vital data through interpretation. In addition, I ensured that I get the value of any study that I underwent. This was possible by assessing the benefits that originate from the study. This was applied in technological classes whereby the study of the procedure, processes, and steps of operating the machines became inevitable and necessary (Kolb, & Kolb, 2012, p.1219).

Offering and receiving feedback

The study proved worthwhile in instilling in me important elements of offering and receipt of responses. The process of offering and getting responses occurs in our daily lives and learning processes both passively and actively. Through the act, I got the opportunity to express the things that I had learnt to my instructor during classes as well as during discussions with my colleagues. The positive aspect of giving and receiving feedback enabled others to realize what I had learnt and what was still missing.

Consequently, I got an opportunity to improve on my shortcomings. The positive aspect of enhancing my skills would not have been possible in case I failed to recognize the importance of giving and receiving feedback (Kolb, & Kolb, 2012, p.1221). The process made me appreciate the need for providing attention to other persons while airing their views as it enables you to understand their opinions, weaknesses, and beliefs. It made me appreciate the need for offering positive feedback that uplifts others up to realize their full potential. In addition, I welcomed the need for constructive criticism to myself and others as a means of improving on our weaknesses. The appreciation of avoiding offence in receipt of feedback became vital due to the differences that arise from the givers. I believe that the skill was helpful in the class as well as in my future engagement in facing life challenges (Kolb, & Kolb, 2005, p.198).


The course proved beneficial in enabling me to work with my colleagues in pursuing my study to completion. I managed to liaise with other students to organize group discussions to sharpen our skills. This was realized by deciding on the number of students to constitute the team, the time of the meetings, the topic, and the speakers during the discussion. The study enables me to interact well with my fellows easily through negotiating on the depth of the coverage of the units.

 This strategy that I pioneered bore fruit due to the punctuality, enthusiasm and thirst by my fellow students to learn beyond the class assignments (Kolb, & Kolb, 2005, p.200). It made it possible for me to interact with my fellow students and learn their strengths and weaknesses. Through this, I came to appreciate the unique difference of persons and learn to respect their opinions and beliefs. In addition, the group managed to expand my knowledge on the class and life lessons to a higher level. All the concepts that appeared difficult in class became easier.

Despite the disagreements that arose during the meetings, I had to develop social skills such as endurance, patience, and understanding to achieve the final result. I was compelled to intervene in some instances by diplomatically, and assertively creating self-awareness among my colleagues of the importance of the study. I did this through openness and honesty thus winning their hearts. I was able to motivate myself and others towards pursuing the goals, through proper communication and creating cordial relations (Kayes, Kayes, & Kolb, 2005, p.332).


Communication is a formidable weapon in passing information from one person to another to enable things to get done. The inability to communicate effectively renders the information given to fail in achieving its desired result. The studies in the seminar helped me to embrace three vital components of an effective communication process. These comprise logic, feelings, and trust (Kolb, 2014, p.17). Firstly, it enabled me to consider the impact of feelings information can have on its recipients. Secondly, it gave me an opportunity to look into the reliability, and authority of the sources of information I received during my study which was also applicable in passage to third parties. Thirdly, was the component of the critical meaning and logic in the information.

With this in mind, I managed to do a thorough search on my study materials to get a clear and concise content that is logically laid out. This was important in assisting me to get the best and offer the best to anyone who had queries on my knowledge. This strategy got worthwhile in establishing connections with my course mates, and my instructor. As a result, I gained immensely from the use of communication as a means of articulating my plight in a logical manner (Peterson, DeCato. & Kolb, 2015, p.230).


The need to be a problem solver became paramount due to many interactions and other factors that were tied to the learning process. I realized that my success in attaining my desired final results would greatly be influenced by how I solve the problems. I noted that problems arise from lack of collaboration, shared vision and comprehension, bad leadership, poor communication, unsuccessful team development, and non-participation in the learning process (Kayes, Kayes, & Kolb, 2005, p.334).

The process arose due to the frequent lateness of some members to attend the group's discussion. In addition, there were differences on the topics to be discussed, who to lead, and late receipt of information regarding the next time and venue of conducting discussions. I decided to organize the team in my way as opposed to their view after conducting investigations concerning the incongruence. Then made conclusions on the best way forward which entailed communicating a shared belief and uniting the team towards the bigger picture. This was also applied in my private studies by forgoing some individual assignments to concentrate on my studies fully. In addition, I became a manager of myself by keeping time, acquainting myself to the required course content and going an extra mile to reinforce my knowledge with other related material. Consequently, I managed to get solutions concerning my course by collaborating with my classmates as well as on my own (Kolb, 2014, p.10).


The application of Kolb`s learning theory is very vital to every learner in every field of study. The approach is indispensable for anyone who wishes to attain the highest level of satisfaction in his or her career, education, and other passions in life. This is achieved by its power of enabling persons to realize their strengths and weaknesses. It made me realize my weakness which is essential because I got an opportunity to remove, reduce, and sharpen myself towards the right direction.

The benefits of the method are not just based on academic knowledge but are applicable in the whole life. It enabled me to make up good decisions on what to venture in by avoiding misleading thoughts, and actions. This is vital in learning one`s environment, people`s opinions, and gaining an insight into their minds. Through this skill, I got an upper hand in arriving at the right conclusions regarding issues and persons. In addition, I have gained excellent interpersonal skills that are useful in the business, political and economic spheres of life.

The making of informed decisions and arguments translate into positive results for the individual in life. The learning and application of the theory made me a good leades in my own right by making me a good timekeeper, strategic planner, thinker, listener, and problem solver.

I intend to continue using the method to improve on my weaknesses and the untouched aspects of my life. Through the continuity, I will get the opportunity to realize my full potential by becoming innovative, creative, and strategic in all decisions I make.


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