The Importance of Motion Pictures in the 21st Century

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Motion pictures as a source of entertainment are a hallmark of the 21st Century. Motion pictures refer to a series of moving images designed to tell a story. Popular genres include action, adventure, comics, comedy, action and epics among others. Similarly, several major film studios are specializing in film production along types. Some of the major studios include 20th

Century Fox, Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Studios and Marvel Pictures. It is noteworthy that major studios comprise of producers and scriptwriters charged with the mandate of scripting the acts. 

Based on this background, the purpose of this bibliography is to explore Stan Lee, the man behind Marvel Comic and Pictures. The annotated bibliography shall explore Stan Lee’s early career and how he contributed to the comic movie revolution through Marvel Comics.

Thomas, Roy. How Stanley Lieber Wrote His First Comics Story and Became 'Stan Lee'

, Time, 2018.

The first source under review is ‘How Stanley Lieber Wrote His First Comics Story and Became 'Stan Lee'’ by Roy Thomas, the source explores Stan Lee’s early career. Born Stanley Leiber, the man later adopted the pen name, Stan Lee. He began his early career in 1939 as an assistant at the Timely Comics comic book publishing company. At the company, Stan Lee assumed prosaic duties such as filling inkwells and filling write-ups. The man later graduated to co-scripting where he participated in scripting, among others, The Destroyer. In 1941, at 19 years of age, the company made Lee the interim editor and later promoted him to the editor-in-chief.  In 1942, Lee joined the US Army as a film writer. He then left to partner with a colleague to produce a non-comical newspaper strip.

NPR NEWS. The ‘Amazing Fantastic Incredible’ Life of Stan Lee, now in comic Form, NPR News, 2015.

            NPR News explores Stan Lee's journey with Marvel. Working at DC comics, Lee revolutionalized the concept of superheroes. The man introduced natural but complex characteristics to superheroes. They included vanity, melancholic fits and bad tempers. Lee managed to create several superheroes such as the Fantastic Four, X-Men, Thor, the Hulk, the Iron Man and Marvel's most popular and successful character, Spiderman. Lee managed to create relevance by the engaging audience to provide comments for the studio's movies. He also continued writing monthly comical. Later, however, in 1972, Lee ended his comical series to assume the role of publishing after that, in 1981, Lee moved to California to establish Marvel TV and properties as the executive producer.

Batchelor, Bob. Stan Lee. The Man Behind Marvel, Royman and Littlefield, 2017.

XXX explores Stan Lee's life after Marvel. Lee rescinded official duties at Marvel in the 1990s. He later went to develop a new internet-based media studio named Stan Lee Media. The studio had a rocky future rife with allegations for stock price manipulation. The cases saw Lee extradited to the USA from Brazil as investors sued the company for bankruptcy. Regardless, the courts did not find Lee guilty for breaching the SECs rule in stock trading. It is here that Lee went into depression. However, Lee still got to enjoy profits for co-creating successful scripts such as X-Men and Spiderman.

Duke, Allan. Stan Lee launches his own comic convention, CNN, 2012.

The final article by Allan Duke explores Stan Lee’s POW entertainment. Stan Lee formed POW entertainment in 2003. In 2004, the company went public. At first, the studio dealt in subscription comics. Later, however, the company partnered with 1821 comics to focus on kids comical books. The companies partnered in among others, the Romeo and Juliet comic. Lee also launched a Youtube subscription channel. He also continued collaborating with other independent producers and studios to produce works such as Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.


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