The Importance of Motivation in Education

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The success of students in school work is dependent on the environment that teachers create. As such, various measures should be implemented to allow for motivation of the learners in various activities they undertake. One such strategy is through allowing them to express their will and minds. The latter makes it possible to understand the weaknesses and strengths they possess; thus, allowing for smooth learning. Besides, it is advisable for the tutors to engage the pupils in a positive manner with no biasness. The administrators have the mandate of setting rules that guide the performances of the teachers and students and foster engagements between the individuals.

The school should not resemble prison whereby, no individual has freedom of choice but rather it should entail social interaction besides various physical activities. As such, the mental capabilities of the learners would be enhanced, which is essential in innovation. The world has developed and creativity should be encouraged to meet the standards of life set. The shortcomings of the traditional methods of learning should be addressed to foster for the desired development. This would allow for an environment that every stakeholder is directly involved in the learning process; thus, excellence can be achieved.

In as much as the administrators put measures to instill discipline to the students, the latter should be done with caution to prevent aggression from developing from the children. Creation of a free environment would allow for a productive studying process as it will create room for free and critical thinking. The students would also be open and would have the capability of addressing the challenges they face such as depression that may make them victims of criminal activities.

August 14, 2023




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