The Importance of Nursing Theory in Nursing Practice

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Nurses Association (ANA)

Nurses Association (ANA) is an important body in the operation of nurses and the health fraternity as a whole. ANA operates under guidelines of standard practices. Amongst them is the standard 9 which states that integrating evidence and research findings into practice is expected of the registered nurse. Nursing activities are based on evidence and research during their education in the nursing colleges. When they join hospital to deal with real health situations, they apply the existing evidence and research that had once been conducted. Moving forward, a nursing theory refers to a set of relationships, definitions, concepts, as well propositions or assumptions generated from a nursing model of from other purposive projects or disciplines (Risch, 2018). These theories represent a systematic perception of phenomena by developing particular inter-connection among procedures for explaining, describing, and predicting the outcome of nursing practice.

Evidence-based research

Consequently, evidence-based research refers to the studies that have revealed the right procedures to take when dealing with a specific health condition. They offer an insight into a health condition, and this may give a guideline on the possible outcome of the disease. In that light, during nursing practices applying the theories and evidence-based practices is the best method to treat a patient. Nurses apply these two concepts through assessment and laboratory tests to confirm the exact cause of a disease. Afterward, they follow the procedures in the theories and the evidence-based studies or practices to treat the patient (Risch, 2018). In this regard, most of the nursing activities have been rendered perfect and in line with their codes of ethics. Without nursing theories, the nursing activities would embrace awkward methods of attending to health conditions.


Risch, S. (2018). Evidence-based practice in a clinical setting. Retrieved 8 March 2018, from

October 13, 2023

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