The Importance of Social Media in Business

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The current growth in technology

The current growth in technology has introduced diverse opportunities for the society as they make efforts to venture into new areas of economic growth. Through the advancements, it is only imperative that people stay updated on the issue within and outside the country as it provides an easy way to understand the trends (Meglio, 2012). Trends are changing daily in the social media as information grows faster than how it gets to people. In this way, staying relevant in the information age helps those in the top management to understand and cater to the needs of the consumers through their changing tastes and preferences. Also, it prevents the provision of misguided information by recognizing the developments that occur within a short period to help change opinions of others (Meglio, 2012). Also, it ensures that people are informed, and they do not present information that has been outdated as the real analysis of different situations. Therefore, staying relevant in this information age is critical and essential t help make changes and choices that are critical in making an impact.


A database management system (DBMS) integrates a collection of programs that enhance the storage, modification and extraction of information from a common database (Lee, 2014). It provides an opportunity to keep updated important information and ensure that it is kept secure. Also it provides accuracy in recording; updating and tracking information regularly help in dealing with different challenges that tend to arise (Lee, 2014). Consequently, DBMS ensures that it is necessary to store all the data of a company together and therefore making it easier to make changes and update critical information easily. It makes is possible for companies and organizations to provide true updated information that could help them stay relevant in this technological age.

Data and Information

The difference between data in information is in their presentation. Data is presented in the form of characters, words, pictures and many other ways that allow storage in the computers and other storage devices (Lee, 2014). However, information is presented in such a way that people can easily understand its meaning without requiring further explanations (Lee, 2014).

Example: Data, 12071992

Information: the date is 12th July 1992


Anomalies are data or information that has been generated in the wrong without following the right commands given mainly to the computers. The data produced in this case could be faulty and fraudulent and may lead to the failure of part of the whole system. These anomalies are bound to cause a problem to the working of the system if they fail to be detected and managed earlier (Lee, 2014). They could be discovered through regular checking and observation of saved documents to ensure that information does not deviate from the required. Also, distance-based methods, statistics used to analyze the possibility of an anomaly, cluster analysis, use of neural replicator networks among many other ways.

Consequently, prevention is imperative to ensure that a company works towards its safety first and protection of their data from fraud. It is therefore essential to set up security policies and procedures that govern the use of technology in a firm and to avoid misuse. Strict rules need to be set in the ways allowed for all staff members to use the internet and other databases (Lee, 2014). Second, all critical infrastructure that could be misused should be secured and only assigned to specific staff for operations. In this way, the team will be accountable for all activities that are made through these protected systems. Third, password protection is a necessary measure to ensure that desktops and computers are accessible to those assigned and hence reducing the possibility of fraudulent activities (Lee, 2014). Fourth, regular checking and monitoring the system for anomalies helps minimize the likelihood of their occurrence.

Decision Making

Decision making is a significant process that requires the commitment of all stakeholders and a firm to ensure success (Lee, 2014). Decision making is vital as it helps to determine a course of action by identifying the best ways of dealing with various situations by providing relevant solutions. Information is a critical aspect of decision making and ensures that those involved understand the prevailing circumstances (Lee, 2014). As such, understanding the problem to be solved gives an opportunity to search for information that provides the relevant course of action. Furthermore, information is integral in decision making those involved are kept updated on the market trends and could, therefore, make the best decisions.

The Cloud

Cloud computing has significantly influenced the lives of individuals and ensured that they stay connected always. It has impacted on the social lives of people, their education, health and even continued development (Ali, Khan & Vasilakos, 2015). In the social lives, it keeps people connected across the globe through platforms such as Google. Also, it is an easier way for students to access information and is, therefore, being adopted by many learning institutions. In health, it has provided an easier way to manage the data of patients and account for morbidity and mortality better in the world.


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September 11, 2023

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