The Importance of Surveys in Assessing Workplace Culture and Ethical Behavior

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Surveys are central to providing a global business with insights especially regarding ethical behavior, labor relations and work conditions. They ensure a tool that enables the business to focus on workforce engagement giving it measurable insights into factors that determine the business’s success. Of particular interest is ethical behavior which focuses on professionalism and compliance to the code of conduct adopted by the institution, labor relations among the business and the labor force and work conditions correlating to occupational regulations.

To use surveys to assess workplace culture and ethical behavior, the business should include measures related to desired aspects of an ethical culture. Human resource managers should ensure that they use the preferred guidelines to cultivate a sense of fairness amongst the employees. Additionally, the manager may conduct an onboarding survey at the beginning of each worker’s experience with the business. This will be vital in shaping the overall ethics of the organization.

Employee satisfaction is a central determiner to business success. Surveys provide human resource managers with a guideline for problem solving, effective communication and a baseline for evaluating progress. A strategy to effectively put in place this tool would be to define the appropriate timing and frequency for these surveys. Ideally, surveys should be conducted on a regular basis therefore showing the employees that the business cares for their work conditions. To ensure maximum employee engagement, the managers should avoid peak holiday seasons. Finally, the survey should be scheduled during historically slow periods for the business guaranteeing that the employees have adequate time to respond to the survey.

To attract, train, reward and retain top employees into a global business, human resource managers must demonstrate understanding of the employees. Effectively designed and conducted surveys provide these managers with just the right tools ensuring that the business has the most favorable ethics, labor relations and work conditions.

October 30, 2023

Business Economics

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