The Importance of Teamwork in Business

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Working in a group

Working in a group had some benefits to me as I gained a deeper understanding of the topic AMP through brainstorming and discussions with other group members. The feeling was contributed by the wider range of skills and ideas present in the team because each one of us had different points of view. I also felt more confident to tackle my part of the assignment which was developing the abstract and the literature review, by building on what we had discussed as a group. I also enjoyed working in groups because it simplifies work through delegation of topics to every member, ensuring equal participation and engagement.

Critical Analysis

Being a member of a team improved my interpersonal relationship enabling me to express and share my ideas with the rest with no difficulty. We, therefore, worked effectively and came up with relevant and concise recommendations and conclusion, and conducted the presentation smoothly allowing our audience to understand the topic. As a business student teamwork and the interpersonal relationship is essential as I can efficiently relate with future customers, and colleagues to ensure attainment of set goal and objectives. Besides, I developed a deeper understanding of the issue of ethics in business, that as an entrepreneur, profit should never be placed above the value for customers and their needs as it will eventually lead to failure.


Although I was nervous during the group presentation, I was able to overcome it due to the support from the rest of the team giving me more confidence to deliver the discussion content. I also realized I am good at delivering and speaking before a large audience and presenting my points to ensure that the goals of the presentation are achieved. The group presentation further prepared me for my future profession where I would be expected to work in groups as opposed to working individually. Collaborating, and team working enable organizations to achieve higher goals, because of broader perspectives and ideas from different persons in the team.

Stages of Group Formation

Forming is the first step where members are getting acquainted with one another, and there are no conflicts as everyone seeks to receive approval from the rest. The leader of the group, therefore, plays a significant role in ensuring everyone fits in. Storming is the second stage which begins when conflicts arise due to different working styles or interests. It can lead to the formation of subgroups as people compete for positions, or share differing ideas (Hennen, 2014).

The group gradually transits to the norming stage when members comfortably solve problems, appreciate diverse opinions and accept positions of authority, become cohesive and supportive of one another. Performing phase then sets in as the group work together to attain shared goals and objectives as challenging problems are solved amicably. A delegation of tasks in this stage should be encouraged to ensure every individual participates. The last step is adjourning where work is completed and the goals achieved and members part ways (Hennen, 2014). The teams also evaluate their work, and a ceremony can be arranged to celebrate work well done.


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October 24, 2023

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