The Importance of User Experience in 'How to Cook/Bake' Product/Tutorial

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User experience also referred to as UX, is the response (regarding emotion and attitude) that emanates from a person after an interaction with a product, service or system. The sum of the experience the person gets is derived from the person’s perception of the system’s usability, desirability, accessibility and credibility of the information therein (, 2018).  UX concentrates on gaining the best understanding of the users' needs, values, abilities, and limitations. Optimizing these aspects ensures that users get the best concerning quality through their interaction with the product or any related service (, 2018). The practice increases a project’s likelihood of success. This paper will delve into some of the aspects surrounding user experience concerning ‘how to cook/bake’ product/tutorial; website/online-store.

Defining the audience

Defining audiences is one of the significant difficulties facing many new businesses (Gray and Greene, n.d.). In establishing its audience, the new enterprise is struggling to acquire the right clients, and at the same time not alienating other products' prospective buyers. In so doing, the business manages to sell products which are desirable and attractive to its current and future clients (Gray and Greene, n.d.). This balance is achieved through market research, buyer persona creation, social media and evolving with the customers (Gray and Greene, n.d.). The audience at this moment will be Millennials with little or no experience in cooking or baking. Given that the audience may not know many of the various items deployed in the procedures, detailed definitions of each will be incorporated into every procedure to help the user get familiar with the item.

The use of pictures, diagrams and sketches will be highly utilized to ease the digestion of the content. While at it, important warnings and cautionary statements will be incorporated to heighten the audience's alertness to safety during the various procedures. Moreover, for efficiency in audience's understanding of the items used in every process, every item name will be linked to pictures/photographs of the same. Every item used in any procedure will have a link to the online store where the user can purchase it.

Creating Scenarios

A user scenario primarily is a fictitious narration of a specific user's accomplishments while using a particular product (Interaction Design Foundation, n.d.).  A user scenario bears a focus on what stimulated the user to respond in such a manner. It is through such responses that business owners are enabled to optimize the functionality and flow of content through the vital ideation invoked. It should be noted that user scenarios are not a representation of all the products users but the most common users (Interaction Design Foundation, n.d.).

The primary focus of user scenarios is detail and context since these increase accuracy and reliability. They are thus based on research insights revealed by real or prospective users. An example of a user scenario for this article will be;

a) Ben, a 12th-grade student, used to admire and fancy his mother; who was a professional chef, at a big restaurant in the city. When she was home, Ben would go out of his way to assist her with the kitchen chores. All that interest and urge to cook drowned when Ben’s mother died in a fire caused by a gas leak inside the restaurant. Amazingly, all this slowly drifted away as he interacted with how to cook/bake. He was amazed at the simplicity and usability of the well-detailed procedures and interactive challenges outlined. He now confirms that the fire of his desire to cook has been rekindled.

Competitive Analysis

When an enterprise becomes familiar with its competitors, it is enabled towards learning about itself, its competitors, the market and its goals (Douglas, 2017). Daniel Newman notes that businesses have to analyze the data showing what they are doing wrong. Otherwise, their clients will exit their site, premises, store, or app (2017). It is imperative to note that clients walk away if they receive anything less than the expected of a particular business. Attached is the competitive analysis.


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September 11, 2023

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