The Influence of Play on Child Development

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Child Development and Play-Based Curriculum

Child development is subjected to different influences. Early childhood education is pegged on the need to promote the development of the child. Recent times have seen increased calls for the integration of play-based curriculum in various child learning initiatives. There are various types of play that can be used in streamlining child development. The current analysis seeks to examine three types of play. Primarily, it highlights their influence on the development of children. The types of play that will be covered in the current analysis include social play, locomotor play, and computer games play. It is pegged on various theoretical backgrounds which define the policies integrated in school settings to streamline child development. The relevant theoretical frameworks include the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and cognitive theories. Mainly, the study suggests that play facilitates the realization of efficient growth in children. The incorporation of play initiatives in learning processes should be aimed at enhancing the interaction of students among themselves, and with the teachers. In reinforcing the element of play in educational policies within the UK, the government seeks to promote the welfare of children. To infer a relevant conclusion, the current analysis will begin by assessing the element of computer games and creativity. The correlation between locomotor play and physical development will be highlighted next while in the last section, the study will examine the influence of social play on student integration and interaction. From the assessment, the study reveals that play is an important component in the child education processes. The component augments the student's ability to integrate the learned concepts, and also enhances their adaptability to the immediate environment.

August 14, 2023


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