The Integration of Wireless Technology in KFC Fast Food Restaurant

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Wireless Technology

Wireless Technology refers to a group of technologies that allow for the transmission of communications like messages, video, data and audio using air as the channel (Glisic 14). Prior to the introduction of radio transmission, most of the communication was through a messenger or physical wirelines (telephone). However, with the invention of wireless technology, every sector of the economy benefits from it directly or indirectly. Therefore, this essay focus on the integration of wireless technology (mobile location technology) in KFC fast food restaurant. The benefits of integrating mobile location technology include providing an alternative to wiring, immediate data access, mobile business opportunity, enhancing mobility and workflow, increasing location and monitoring capability. Each of these benefits are described in relation KFC.

Benefits of Integrating Mobile Location Technology

KFC has applied the technology to attract customers into its outlets and thus stay ahead of the competition. Therefore, the company has benefited from the mobile business opportunity created by the introduction of wireless technology (KCF Technologies). The company saved millions of dollars on wiring. For example, staff in the restaurants can communicate through the wireless mobile system which in the past used to be a cable system. Also, they can communicate easily with other branches, suppliers, and customers ordering through the phone. In incorporating the company attracted nearby potential customers in its stores through conquest advertising at rival locations and proximity targeting. The strategy was applied for three months, and it improved sales by up to forty percent (Baltzan 227). Restaurants in the quick service market face stiff competition. Therefore, successful integration of wireless technology ensures that they at least have a slight leap ahead of the others.

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September 04, 2023

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