The James Holmes Conspiracy

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Those who do not trust the government's word have expressed opposing views in response to the James Holmes Conspiracy. There have been discussions about his mental state prior to the shooting, as well as whether he was the true gunman. Many people say he was not the gunman at all, although some believe he was not alone in the attack. Based on my evaluation of these opposing viewpoints, I believe James Holmes was clearly a professional, cold-blooded killer who was well conscious of his conduct at the time of the shooting. Prior to the incident, he had no criminal record whatsoever. There are several testimonies from witnesses, news report ideas as well as theories behind Holmes motive to commit the crime.

The Conspiracy

Although the documentary does not exactly depict how the ordeal occured, it is clear that no one with mental illness would randomly decide to kill innocent civilians with such a kind of swiftly planned strategy. As the documentary begins, witness claims hold it that Holmes did not act alone. It is only realistic that a mentally ill person cannot decide to coordinate with another killer to commit murder. As such, the incidence was therefore a strategic plan made by someone with the intentions of killing innocent people. According to the police scanner, there was another suspect linked to the bombing, though he was not pursued.

Reliable evidence has it that Holmes was aware of his actions. According to the police, Holmes was wearing protective clothing during the horrific perpetration, amongst them being a gas mask and protective vest. Moreover, he was backed up by military weapons, the arsenal which indicated that he had a huge plan to commit the crime. In addition to these, his house was wired with bombs which took the police a whopping two days to disarm. It takes someone in the right mind to plan all this. Holmes, obviously cognizant of his actions, did not try to resist arrest.

A phone call made to Holmes as noted by the documentary indicated that he had an ill plan which he was probably coordinating with someone else. In addition, the documentary confirms that he was among the brightest students in the university. Due to his intelligence background, it is possible that he had the skills to orchestrate such an attack with ease. A spiral notebook was also mailed to a psychiatrist in Colorado University detailing what he was going to do. Details about his gun registration and weapon purchases are a further indication that he was conscious of what he was planning and doing.

Prior to the attack, Holmes had become distant to his family and friends which indicates that he was planning for the attack. Towards the end of the documentary, it is clear that Holmes as well as his family had a connection with military industrial complex which might have motivated him to perform his actions of mass murder. His history with the military research institutes also suggests that he had the knowledge to plan such attack.


In conclusion, Holmes, the suspected perpetrator of a mass shooting that occurred on July 20, 2012, at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado was sane enough and could distinguish between wrong and right. It is therefore in my view that James Holmes at the time of shooting was simply a competent, cold-blooded murderer who was fully aware of his actions.

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