The Joker in The Dark Knight

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In Christopher Nolan's 2008 superhero film, "The Dark Knight," ‘Heath Ledger' plays a character by the name ‘The Joker' His character demonstrates a villain for the 2000s and a psychotic anarchist mastermind who presents himself as an instrument of chaos. In the film, the Joker gained power in the criminal gangland by forcing Gotham City into turmoil and pushing Batman always near to crossing the excellent route between vigilantism and heroism. The setting of the real world and his behavior of trying to make everything to happen in light, although many crimes are committed in darkness and the violators want them to remain hidden, Joker is identified as an evildoer.

Indeed, his conduct does not concur with that of a villain, as nothing scares him and in the film, he is brilliant and not doing what criminals would do. To show that his dark nature was genuine, Joker resists the rules and has a goal focusing on the revelation of the truth concerning the laws and human nature. It is not possible to understand who the Joker is based on his biography. His criminal conduct and the issue of threatening other people are clear to him, as he identifies to have got scars based on his characteristic Glasgow smile. His incarnation's fame concerning his dark nature and other personifications of being the Joker was portrayed darkly. Buildings, money, gas, guns, knives, and most importantly ‘people’ are tools that Joker uses to bring chaos to Gotham City. This is an exciting example of Dramaturgy since the film, especially the parts played by the Joker, is very convincing that makes the audience feel that in the real world, showing much empathy to people would make them misunderstand a person. The scene agrees with the title of the movie and the introduction of the character.

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The Dark Knight (2008).

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