The Media on People Behavior

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A person is a victim of his or her surroundings

Many people's behavior is influenced by external factors such as circumstances, life experiences, and environments. As it influences partnerships, purchasing habits, and schooling, social media plays a critical role in promoting those impacts. Social networking has had an effect on people's attitudes in both good and negative ways. Facebook use aids in the maintenance of offline partnerships, which can entail loose links with certain offline elements of friendship in mutual schools. Besides, social media promotes human segregation as the use of different websites make people form groups to segregate them by educational level, nationality, age as well as other factors that typically segment society and hence a change in the accommodative nature of many individuals (Christakis 16). The paper looks into how the use of social media influences people's behavior as well as different aspects of such usage.

Social networks harbor the flow of undesirable things

Such as sadness, anger, and unhappiness. It also fosters good feelings such as happiness, altruism, love, and valuable information. As such, the feelings will influence the behavior of individuals. The spread of good feeling of using social media vindicates the whole reason many people live their lives around social networks. Social media influences human actions, behavior as well as habits in a more advanced way (Christakis 16). Continues engagement in social media platforms makes individuals addicted to the use of their phones despite whatever situation they are in and hence an element of behavioral change. Furthermore, electronic interactive media also sways human decision-making. It also promotes human interactions and a feeling of belonging. Nevertheless, it also fosters distractions behavior of many people hence the lack of concentration while taking part in other offline activities.

The new generation and the emergence of series of social networks

Make people engage more in texting than talking. Telephone calls are regarded and intrusive, and as such, many people would rather receive and send text messages. People would rather text because a large proportion of the population have grown up in the era of technology and prefer simplicity and ease of use, which text messages provide without a feeling of an intense antipathy (Pelling and Katherine 755). Besides, texts are less stressful than calls as it gives a receiver of a particular message time to think and respond, unlike the phone calls. It also promotes convenience as it prevents unnecessary distractions and it is easy to remember.

The use of social media is generational

Through with slight involvement of older generations that have opted to use it an efficient way of passing information. Most of the people involved in the use of social media are the millennials. The world recently passed a point of regression due to the emergence of technology in the communication industry. Nevertheless, not all generations took up the use of more advanced technologies in the industry. Most of the use rest of the ability and demand of millennials.

The use of SmartPhone has become 24/7 phenomena

Because the phones offer applications that help people manage almost every aspect of their lives resulting in an increased communication and personal efficiency. SmartPhone have become part of life, and the only time one does not know where his/her phone is when asleep. The smartphones have become an extension of individuals' body and mind helping them communicate and search for every issue surrounding their lives including when to sleep. Using SmartPhone during classes is an addiction. It makes people have difficulties in making simple decisions hence a rise in the level of indecisiveness.

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December 15, 2022

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