The Mind & Body & Spirit Festival

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This overview will give you the guideline scenario on how the events will happen at Bath District

v Introduction

v Why we must hold this event?

v Who will be stakeholders?

v When will the event be held?

v Where the event take place?

v What is the event product that is being developed and presented?

v Design Cube

v Acceptance

v What will be the benefits of the event?


Love Smooth Events it is a professional training Company which conducts an array of events such as field trip, musicians, exhibitors, family fun day and business showbiz. It has a friendly culture of dedicated professional’s events instructors who enjoys delivering services to people. The company’s director, Julia Sanders, decided to host a grand mega festival at Bath district on 23rd

-25th April 2020.

The event was named Mind & Body & Spirit Festival which the main concept of the event was to promote the locals of Bath district by inviting many tourist to the region and boost the economy of the region, exchanging ideas and learning new culture, and relaxing of mind away from work place by engaging in the outdoor activities.

Why hold the Mind & Body & Spirit Festival?

The main reasons why the festival was set

Create Employment To the Locals

Increase spending in the local community


Brings People together

New innovations

Bath depends significantly on tourism for its economic boost. Its geographical location has been a tourist destination since the ancient Roman times because it has been offering desire and relaxation to the visitors. Most of the visitors enjoy the wellbeing of the area due to advanced activities such as water gaming, cool breeze for relaxation, friendly living conditions, and the natural thermae spas.

The Mind & Body & Spirit Festival will last for 3 days, from 23rd-25th

2020, this will have a positive impact to the host location as the visitors will have time to interact with the locals. Some will have to visit the local museums, the architectural sites, buy from the local curio shops, and use the local hotels for accommodations and food. This will benefit the economy of the area as there is circulation of cash.

The Spa, Salon, In-Store Treatments and massage sector has continued to experience progressive and consistent growth in the UK with the number of people opting for treatments that include yoga massage and facials increasing steadily between the 2015 and 2017 period. (Khanom, 2018). Spa, salon and treatments are no longer considered to come with special events only but are now regular treats indicating the significant growth in this sector as a result of overcoming the barriers of perception. Many people now consider spa and beauty treatments as part of healthy lifestyles with 36% of the U.K population booking spa and beauty treatments normally for themselves and 20% during some special occasions. (Khanom, 2018).

Value remains the most important factor when agreeing for treatments with the worth considered coming from health and wellbeing benefits, suggesting that spas and treatments have become a routine part of life for many people in the U.K. The Mintel report offers wide ranging analysis and assessments based on reliable data hence providing an overview of the UK spending in spa, salon and in-store beauty treatments which are expected to be in the range of £8 billion by 2021. (Khanom, 2018). In the U.K, customers are increasingly being offered wide varieties of spa treatments and in-store massages and beauty styling with many business companies opting for exclusive dedicated spas. (Stevens, Azara & Michopoulou, 2018).

Spa and wellbeing treatments are experiencing general international resurgence in interest with consumers seeking out natural, ethical, and principles-based wellness experiences. Within the U.K, the perceived level of benefits in healing through spa, yoga, massage and thermal treatment has gained a high reputation and the spa setting of the Bath district combined with the Mind, Body and Soul Festival will evidently be a high attraction event for many people both locally and internationally. (Page et al, 2017). Spa and thermal treatments are particularly culturally relevant in the UK. The Mind Body & Soul Festival will focus on the Bath historical spa site which will undergo restoration. Upon restoration, the Bath Spa and thermal treatment facilities will be one of a kind in the UK only spa hotel industry and is planned to be directly accessible with naturally occurring mineral thermal waters.

Who will be stakeholders?

Internal stakeholder: Organiser (my company), Bath and North and East Somerset Council

External stakeholders: Visitors, (local, national and international),

Government (council, transport, police, emergency)

Suppliers (hotels, venue, Audio Visual providers, spa),

Local community, Competitors (Birmingham, London wellbeing festivals, Bath and Somerset wellbeing venues and business).

When will the event be held?

We are planning to organise after the construction and refurbishment is completed in Bath Abbey, this will be completed in end of 2020.

Because we are planning to arrange some yoga, meditation and mindfulness sessions inside of the Abbey.

Where the event will take place?

The main event will take place at Kingston Parade (Abbey sq) Just next to the Bath abbey where:

There will be white tents as a stalls.

They will rent them to exhibitors smallest one £300 plus Vat

The event will be ticketed event £12 for Friday and £15 for weekend

They will give them wristband to recognise ticketed visitors

This place is public food way, there will be access to public from one side of the event not to cause any inconvenience.

Some of The workshops and sessions will be free of charge, subject to availability

We will use another 3 places for the additional events:

Bath Abbey for some sessions

The Pump room part of Roman Bath, for finger buffet and drinks on Friday and Saturday nights -This is only for exhibitors due to the size of the room, from 8pm-1am, DJ performance to entertain guests

Also we will do some yoga and meditation sessions during the day in the Pump room

Roman Bath open air space for reception drinks from 6pm-8pm, there will be DJ performance

We will also offer weekend package for exhibitors to have an opportunity to use one of the spas and have dinner and dance during their stay in Bath

What is the event product that is being developed and presented?

Talks, Workshops & demonstrations by speakers, wide range of wellbeing therapies, living foods, spiritual gifts, oil &sense, acclaimed health foods, Buddha cave with mindfulness tuition, yoga , mindfulness and meditations sessions, spiritual music,

The event design has explored and taken into consideration the Bath, North and East Somerset community's perceptions as well as attitudes regarding the association of thermal treatment with wellness tourism development which will be supported at this location. (Cheung, 2012). The community perceptions indicate that the regard for the values and benefits of spa, salon, in-store and thermal treatments continues within the Bath community and harnessing this positive perception will play an important role in supporting the Mind, Body and Soul Festival wellness agenda. (Lin & Mattila, 2018).

Nevertheless, the main concept presented by the Mind, Body and Soul event is the reintroducing of spa, salon and in-store treatment tourism at Bath the location and establishing the perception that spa and thermal treatments are wellness commodities reserved for all members of the society. The Mind, Body & Soul Festival is a social and cultural event which has been modelled to bring attention to Bath and the spa heritage while ensuring that the wellness tourism development approach is defined by cultural participation in addition to the economic objectives.

Design Cube


Love Smooth Events Company

All Stakeholders

Signed By:

Julia Sander


Signed By:

Event Client Bath and North and East Somerset Council; Local, National and International Visitors, (local, national and international, Police, Emergency Service, Suppliers, hotel, venues, spas & Local community)


What will be the Beneficial of the Event?

The Mind, Body and Soul event will be focusing on creating employment to the locals. This will boost the economy of the people because most of the local s there works at the hotel restaurants, some are local tour guides, and service coaches. Also the local area has many curio shops and museums. This will enable the staffs to be paid and also trade as many people will bring their products to the area.

Also there will increase spending to the community because many people offer their basic requirement services such as hairdressing, transporting and medical training which brings about global trading.

It brings diversification to the economy. This enables the economy to bring prosperity and growth. In times of economic hardships, the local industries will use the additional income, after forex exchange, to continue sustaining their needs. Sometimes when the local industries do not perform at ultimate best, there is shortage of cash flow in the economy and the development in the region will lag behind. Therefore the festive will ensure that interaction will allow cash to flow in the areas. Also besides adding wealth to the economy, the creation of new innovations, people will therefore learn new ideas which comes with the visitors.


Cheung, B.C.M., 2012. Study of the Interrelationship of Spa Guests' Motivation, Perceived Service Quality, Value, Satisfaction, and Behavioral Intentions (Doctoral dissertation, Oklahoma State University).

Khanom, R., 2018. Spa, Salon and In-Store Treatments - UK - September 2017 [WWW Document]. Mintel Reports. URL (accessed 12.31.18).

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Page, S.J., Hartwell, H., Johns, N., Fyall, A., Ladkin, A. and Hemingway, A., 2017. Case study: Wellness, tourism and small business development in a UK coastal resort: Public engagement in practice. Tourism Management, 60, pp.466-477.

Stevens, F., Azara, I. and Michopoulou, E., 2018. Local community attitudes and perceptions towards thermalism. International Journal of Spa and Wellness, pp.1-14.

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