The Misfits

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This book is based on the concept of freedoms and sanctions as they apply to society as a whole, whether as a function of a specific entity or from within the society itself. I hope to use this source to demonstrate how different individuals' personalities and how they develop in the future are influenced by the type of culture to which they belong. The focus of this source is on the traditions or rather cultures in the society, specifically the western society, and the effect that these traditions have on the development of individuals in the society. I will use this source to bring out the responsibility that society has in ensuring the right kind of development and well-being of its members, more so, the kind of environment it puts around individuals of unusual or different orientations.

Dashti, Sorour Karampour, and Ida Baizura Binti Bahar. "Resistance as madness in The Catcher in the Rye." Theory and Practice in Language Studies 5.3 (2015): 457.

This source includes an analysis on the book The Catcher in the Rye where the writers show how the society considers anything beyond the normal as the wrong thing, in this case, resistance as madness. This is in reference to the main character, Holden, as well as Peter in 19 Minutes. In my paper, this source will be used to show how individuals in society who seem not to fit are automatically viewed to be wrong and the society is right, and that it is in no way, the other way around.

Jing, J. I. N. G., and J. I. N. G. Xia. "An Analysis of the Tragedy in The Catcher in the Rye." Sino-US English Teaching 12.12 (2015): 949-952.

This book addresses issues on how an individual’s knowledge and consciousness on life challenges and tragedies has an influence on their mental state as well as their various causes of action. I will use this point of view to show the relation between Holden and Peter’s immediate surrounding and the decisions they made, or the solutions that they preferred for the challenges they faced.

November 03, 2022

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