The Myth of Pygmalion and Galatea

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The Protagonist: Pygmalion

The protagonist of the story, Pygmalion, is one of the figures with distinctive qualities that characterize his personality and what he represents in the narrative. Pygmalion creates a sculpture of a lady who is said to possess unrivaled beauty. It is claimed that the character is so enthralled by the artwork that he cannot keep his eyes off of it. ( Galatea is the moniker he names the sculpture. ( Galatea is a representation of a positive item in the society that the myth is based on. In fact, the intent of Pygmalion was to compare the beauty of the woman to the white color of milk. Pygmalion is said to have adorned the hair of the sculpture with a beautiful flower, and given it the most precious gift and even kissed the statue.

Pygmalion's Behavior

Arguing from the behavior of Pygmalion towards Galatea, one would describe him as an individual, who is madly in love with what he does and does it with total commitment. He has owned the work of curving and would not distance himself from it. Ideally, he is passionate about all that he does. Another trait of the character is that he is obsessive ( He is quite obsessed with the female sculpture and goes ahead to buy it an expensive gift and kiss it. The obsession could depict the kind of love that the character has if he gets a female partner. One would expect such a woman to be treated with the kind of love that Pygmalion treats the curving with.

The Extra Mile

The obsession explains why the character goes ahead to pray to the goddesses of the land to turn the sculpture into a real woman. The act of beseeching the spirits to grant his wish explains the extra-mile an individual would take to pursue what he truly loves.

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