The New Samsung Galaxy On6 Unveiled

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During the production of the presentation on Galaxy on6 there are various things that went well. Firstly, we worked as a team in collecting information on the topic, assessing it and including it in the presentation. As the head of the team, I was tasked with the role of finalizing the presentation. While making the final touches on the assignment, I have to say that I learned various things about Samsung and the newly-launched product Galaxy on6. Samsung is among the companies that produce high-quality smartphones that meet the tastes and preferences of various consumers in the market. I learned about the suitable pricing strategies that the company can embrace in ensuring that it effectively penetrates into the U.S. market. Moreover, I discovered that for a company to enjoy sustainability in the market, it has to implement suitable strategies.

Completion of the presentation on time another thing that went well for my group. Armed with vital information on Galaxy on6, we were able to write a concrete paper with the adequate literature on the topic. The group members actively participated in the entire process and there were no single reported instances of conflict. At one particular point, the members of my team came to my aid when I was faced with the challenge of gathering information on the product market share.

What went not so well?

In the quest for ensuring that the presentation was polished and to the point, there were various challenges that were experienced. One of the issues that we on several occasions faced was accessing the quality and accurate information on the product. Galaxy on6 is a newly launched product and this implies that the information and data that is currently on the public domain may hardly be 100% accurate. As a team, we regularly visited Samsung's website with the aim of ensuring that everything we included in the presentation was accurate and correct. Comparison of the information that we collected was time with the aim of ascertaining its authenticity was time-consuming and dragged our efforts in ensuring that we completed the entire assignment within set targeted timeframes.

Another major issue that the group faced was conflicting interests from some of the members two of the members had earlier proposed for the team to focus on a topic related to automobile but I felt it was superb for us to settle on the topic of a newly launched Smartphone products. We thus had to spend time arguing on the best topic for the presentation before the whole team agreed that the new Galaxy on6 was the ideal topic. As if that was not enough, during the presentation, three of the members wanted the presentation to have as many images as possible. However, I felt that would have a crowding effect, thus affecting the entire presentation in terms of visuals and flow. We again had to spend a considerable amount of time trying to identify a captivating presentation.

One's own contribution

During the production of the newly launched product by Samsung, I have to say that I was a vital member of the team. I was the one that proposed the topic that the group settled for. Initially, the team was hesitant about working on the idea of a newly launched Samsung smartphone. However, after convincing them, they all agreed and we successfully produced a remarkable and captivating presentation on Galaxy on6. My contributions during the production of the presentation were also evidenced on the subtopics such as product description and the market trends. I was tasked with the role of collecting accurate and authentic information on Galaxy on6 as well as the smartphone market trends in the U.S.

As a member of the team, I also made the final touches on the presentation as a part of the polishing, I ensured that I proofread the entire assignment and corrected any grammatical errors. Moreover, I made adjustments on the reference page and made sure that my group used the correct referencing style. I regularly consulted with my team members when something was not clear pertaining to the presentation. Armed with knowledge and information on the newly launched product by Samsung, my team members relied on me for help when they were faced with complexities or had doubt about data that they had gathered on the company and the smartphone market in the U.S. Finally, I made constant communication with the group members and this was aimed at ensuring that we were all on the same page and that we completed the assignment on time.

Other's contribution

My experience with the team members was adorable and I have to say that without them, we could not have completed the presentation on time. The team members were a vital part of ensuring that the presentation was captivating, had concrete information about the newly launched Samsung Galaxy on6 and that it has an appealing effect on the audience. The other members of the team gathered information about the promotional channels for the recommended marketing mix for the product and this included its price, place, promotion and product description. Moreover, they added a list of references that they used for the research. As a team, we consulted one another where necessary and worked collaboratively in ensuring that our presentation was remarkable.

Enhancing future

In the quest for improving my future performance and that of the group, I will ensure that I regularly communicate with the team, identify the areas of weaknesses and implement suitable measures that address any issues arising within the group. Time-saving is another area that my team and I will have to strengthen if we have to improve our performance. Proper time management is essential in any group work (Moon, 1999, p.40). Before working on any group work, we will have to ensure that we collectively settle assignment goals and targets. Each member of the team will be tasked with specified roles that will have to be accomplished within a given period. Regular visits to the library will also be essential in bolstering my performance and that of my group members.


Moon, J. (1999). Reflection in Learning and Professional Development: Theory and Practice.. London: Routledge Falmer.

September 18, 2023

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