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During the course of each season, the Pact follows a different group of people, including a mysterious stranger, a social worker, and her family, and a group of friends who have recently lost their boss. Although the characters are diverse and sometimes come together to solve a problem, there are also times when their differences make them more threatening than they initially appear.

Series two

Continuing the story of social worker Christine Rees, The Pact is back with a new cast and storyline. All six episodes will be available to watch on BBC iPlayer starting October 24. The second series will be co-commissioned between BBC Drama and BBC Wales.

The Pact Season 2 is set in south Wales. It follows the Rees family, including social worker Christine. It also explores the destructive power of secrets.

The Pact is written by Pete McTighe and produced by Cardiff-based Little Door Productions. The series has received support from the Welsh Government. The Pact has been filmed in the Welsh valleys, the seashore and forests. It is also part of the BBC Autumn TV schedule.


NBC Universal acquired Sparrowhawk Media last year. The company was responsible for marketing EM.Entertainment programs in North America, Japan and South & Central America. Now, the company is restructuring its distribution division. In addition to selling Sparrowhawk titles in the U.S., it will also distribute them in Europe, Asia and South & Central America.

The company plans to develop an attritable jet-powered unmanned air vehicle. This vehicle would be air-recoverable from a MQ-9 Reaper. The company won't divulge details about the number of attritable UAVs it is developing. However, it displayed renderings of "notional" air-launched effects at the recent Gray Eagle ER show.

Quiviro-Cibolan Pact

Located in the south of the Mesogea continent, the Pact is a strange alliance of Cibola and Quivira. The group is best known for their bloody campaign against the inhabitants of the town of Tirnanoc. They are also known to use coastal artillery batteries to block vessels in their lane.

The best part is that their most notable accomplishments are often inconspicuous. One example is their ability to fend off a legion of humanoids. Another is their ability to turn their enemies into wolves through a series of chemical formulas. Despite this, they still manage to maintain the steampunk-Victorian era feel.

It is not a stretch to claim that the odious fae has surpassed the Pact in a number of respects. However, there are several fae notables that deserve their share of the spotlight.

Non-aggression pact

During the first year of World War II, the Soviet-German Non-Aggression Pact (also known as the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact) was a major event. It was signed by the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany on August 23, 1939. The pact defined spheres of influence for each of the two countries and prohibited both parties from attacking each other. In addition, both parties were expected to keep their commitments for a period of ten years.

The Soviet Union claimed eastern Poland and eastern Lithuania and Finland, while Germany claimed western Poland and Lithuania. The Baltic republics of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia were occupied by the Soviet Union in August 1940. This resulted in a Soviet-German sphere of influence that covered much of eastern and northern Europe.

Diversity and inclusiveness of participants

Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace is beneficial for employees. A diverse workforce enables employees to present fresh ideas, offer solutions and demonstrate their creativity. Employees also tend to stay in organizations with a diverse workforce.

An inclusive and diverse workplace is also more likely to attract top talent. Employees are also more likely to be engaged with the company's culture and activities. Creating a workplace that promotes a safe, inclusive environment is also beneficial for employee engagement and productivity.

A study by Glassdoor found that a company with a diverse team performed better financially than a company with a more homogeneous workforce. Companies with diverse teams also tend to be more innovative.

PACT Collaborative

Using the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's Breakthrough Series (BTS) Collaborative Model, the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) conducted a PACT Collaborative. The collaborative lasted 21 months, and included a total of six Learning Sessions (LS).

The Collaborative included six Learning Sessions, with six face-to-face LS held in different cities. These LSs reviewed past materials and introduced new material. They also provided an opportunity for participants to discuss changes and successes. Participants reported that they learned new skills and gained new knowledge. They also reported being satisfied after each LS.

PACT Collaborative participants included leaders and administrators, physicians, and other associated health professionals. They were recruited by the National Collaborative Leadership Team (NCLT), which was composed of faculty from past national improvement programs. NCLT recruited five coordinators from Veteran Engineering Resource Centers (VERC), and recruited faculty from national improvement programs.

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